Ten Ways To Use Your Upholstery Brush

So you’ve purchased a vacuum. Congratulations!

You tear open the box, frantically remove all the packaging and cardboard, and unveil your new cleaner. As the light gleams off the scuff-free paint and pristine chrome accents, familiar plastic pieces come tumbling out around it. Those dreaded included attachments.

94677-accessory-set-grayFor many owners, vacuum attachments are more trouble than they’re worth. As year after year passes without ever using these tools, you begin to question if there isn’t some mysterious surface piling up with dust, forever burdened with the constant fear you’re lacking some key element in your cleaning routine. Fear no longer! Central Vacuum Stores is here to break down each common attachment and coach you with ten, easy uses for each. From the obvious to the, “Well I never thought of that!”

Vacuflo-8625-UpholsteryTlUpholstery Brush

1) Cloth Furniture

Vacuuming cloth furniture is just what this tool was designed to do. Cotton, microfiber, velvet, linen…whatever the material, an upholstery tool is the best way to refresh your home fabrics. Easily remove lint, pet hair, dirt, food crumbs, and anything else that collects on your seating.

  • BONUS: Vacuuming your upholstery helps to realign any stray fibers, making your furniture look like new!

2) Draperies & Window Treatments

Curtains, roman shades, cellular shades, and window draperies are notorious dust collectors. Attach the upholstery tool to your vacuum and give a once-over to your window treatments at least once a month.

3) Bedding

Refresh your duvet cover or decorative shams and pillows by removing pet hair and dust. And a regular vacuum over your mattress and pillows can eliminate dust mites and dead skin cells. Yuck!

4) Tablecloths, Placemats, & Runners

Crumbs inevitably find their way onto your table linens. Anyone who’s served bread at dinner knows how annoying it can be to try to remove all the tiny pieces without having to just wash the whole thing. But using your upholstery tool to vacuum the table after a particularly crumby (no pun intended) dinner can save you a laundry load!

  • IDEA! There’s nothing wrong with lining the kids up and performing a quick vacuum of their shirts before they leave the table. No sense spreading crumbs throughout the house if you can help it!

5) Pet Beds

You encourage Fido to use his pet bed instead of your sofa for his afternoon nap, but that doesn’t mean you get out of cleaning. Pet beds are ground zero for fur and dirt. Often times, these cushiony homes are made of microfiber, minky dot, or faux fur materials, making them difficult to clean. Using an upholstery brush makes this chore a breeze!

6) Decorative Pillows & Throws

Whether on your sofa, guest bed, banquette, or recliner, decorative pillows and throw blankets add a touch of home and a pop of color. But because they’re not always in use, over time they can collect dust and start to look sad. Use your upholstery tool to give your cloth decor a quick refresher!

7) Decorative Towels

Decorative towels can liven up a guest bathroom but may sit over the bar without use for a period of time. Keep the tops of your folded towels fresh with a weekly vacuum and save time and money by skipping a wash!

8) Auto Interiors

Upholstered auto interiors, carpeting, and floor mats require regular vacuuming. An upholstery attachment allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces!

9) Stuffed Animals

Your children’s favorite stuffed animals can take a real beating and often need a regular washing. But what about last year’s favorites sitting on a shelf? Prevent dust from collecting on lesser used, stuffed toys with quick vacuum using your upholstery tool.

10) Odds & Ends

  • Children’s car seats
  • Small area rugs
  • Delicate furnishings like tapestries or animal skins
  • Canvas artwork
  • Clothing that is notoriously for shedding or collecting lint
  • Cribs and bassinets

Any thoughts?

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