How To Choose A Miele Vacuum Cleaner: Carpeting

SERIES: Choosing A Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Carpeted Flooring

Miele vacuum cleaners are at the top of everyone’s wish list. They’re widely known for being the most reliable, most innovative, and highest quality vacuums on the market. But, like any big decision, customers struggle to choose the right unit from Miele’s exceptional line.

Our suggestion…start with your flooring. The needs of a home with dense carpeting are far different from those of a home with hard wood. Take an inventory of your home’s flooring, focusing especially on carpeting. All Miele canister units come with a hard-floor tool, however, there are a variety of carpet power-heads designed specifically to handle different carpeting. With this in mind, shop for a Miele that offers the power-head your home needs.

Today, we’re going to examine options for a home with some to all carpeting.

Carpeted Flooring Tools

What You Will Need: If your home has carpeting, you will need more than just a hard floor brush. Being educated on your power head options will help narrow your selection and save you money. Below are Miele’s electric power head options ranging from good to best. An electric power head uses electricity to power the rotating beater bar that kicks up dirt within your carpet fibers. This means that none of the power is diverted from the vacuum suction (unlike air turbine power heads.)

SEB213-2 Corded Powerhead 41996499

SEB217-3 DC Powerhead 41996430A

SEB228 DC Powerhead 07319120

SEB234 Corded Powerhead 41996421

SEB236 DC Powerhead 41996479

What You Won’t Need: Miele makes “Air Turbine” power-heads that utilize the suction of the vacuum to rotate the beater bar and refresh your carpet. However, air turbine power heads are designed for very low-profile carpeting (think commercial, flat carpet) and are not effective in cleaning most residential carpeting. They are also not appropriate for homes with pets. Though these power heads may be less expensive, we highly recommend choosing a Miele with an electric power head system for your carpeted home.

Suggestions For Carpeted Flooring – Good, Better, Best

miele_10510Miele S7 Twist – Under $450

The S7 Twist is from Miele’s upright line of vacuum cleaners. While these are great for cleaning carpeting, they are heavier, less agile, and not as versatile. If your home features lots of carpeting and is a single story home, an upright vacuum may be a good fit for you.

Miele_S8390_mainMiele S8 Kona – Under $950

The S8 Kona includes the Electro Plus Electrobrush SEB228 and the Parquet Twister floor tool SBB300-3. It also features the extra lightweight construction, onboard tool storage, foot controls, and Miele’s patented 12-Stage AirClean Sealed System.

Miele-MarinMiele S8 Marin – Under $1,100

The S8 Marin come with the better SEB236 Electro Comfort electrobrush and the Parquet Twister floor brush to clean any hard floors. The Marin includes the same excellent features as the Kona with additions like the deluxe handle grip and fingertip controls.

More Information

If you still need help deciding which model is right for your home or office, we can give you even more guidance on our Miele Comparison Charts. Or, better yet, call one of our experienced and knowledgeable Miele experts at 1-800-221-8227.

Any thoughts?

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