Best Vacuums For 2015

After sixty years in the vacuum industry, it’s no surprise we’re a little opinionated. Often times customers come to us for the straight talk and there’s always one burning question…

What’s the best vacuum cleaner?

While we recommend you choose a vacuum carefully and based specifically on your needs, we can name a few units that are fantastic in just about any setting. And so, to please those folks who don’t want to waste their time with anything but the best, this list is for you.

The Top Five Vacuums Of 2015

The Miele S8590 Marin with ElectroBrush – Under $1,100

Best Vacuum 2015 Marin MieleWe love the S8 Marin from Miele because it combines Miele’s patented AirClean Sealed System® (which keeps dust, dirt and allergens within the canister) and updated features like:

  • Automatic flooring sensors to adjust power levels as you go from tile to carpet
  • 360 degree castor wheels for unmatched maneuverability
  • Automatic stand-by switch which powers down the vacuum when you place it in the park position and starts it again when you remove it from park

The Marin is from Miele’s S8 line of canister vacuums. These models feature the most elite components and add-ons like one touch automatic cord rewind, an operating radius of 36 feet, silence insulation for an unbelievably quiet run, and an onboard attachment cabinet.

The Active H.E.P.A. Filter is Miele’s most effective method of filtration and a must-have for any owners suffering from asthma or allergies. The S8 Marin has a filter change indicator and safety shut-off to prevent overheating, making maintenance a no brainer. The Marin is an exceptional vacuum from an exceptional manufacturer. Our list wouldn’t be complete without it.

The Oreck Lightweight XL2100RHS – Under $200

Oreck Lightweight XL2100RHS VacuumThe XL2100RHS combines all the features of a commercial cleaner (like a wider cleaning path, durability, and easy maintenance) with a lightweight, streamlined design. For larger homes or homes with carpeting, owning a commercial vacuum just makes sense.

    • Lies virtually flat to get under furniture
    • 1-year vacuum warranty
    • Weighs an incredibly light eight pounds
    • Automatic flooring sensors to adjust power levels as you go from tile to carpet

The Oreck XL2100RHS power head features unique side bristles to release dirt from baseboards and furniture legs and non-marring bumpers and soft wheels to keep from scuffing them along the way. But perhaps the real selling point is the powerful, commercial motor. Rotating the power head beater bar at an incredible 6,500 RPMs, the XL2100RHS gets the job done faster and more efficiently.

The Miele S7 Swing – Under $850

Miele SwingIf your home features lots of carpeting, particularly if that carpeting is dense, the Miele S7 Upright Swing is the best of the best. Though heavier than the Oreck, the Swing features a 1200 Watt, Miele-made Vortex motor that powers the 4800 RPM brush roller motor. It’s a powerful machine for powerful cleaning.

  • Onboard tool storage housing the natural bristle dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and extra-long crevice tool
    • 42ft cleaning radius that extends up to 57ft with 15ft attached cleaning hose
      • Swivel-neck for maximum maneuverability
        • Automatic carpet height adjustment setting

Like all Mieles, the Swing is made to exacting standards and even includes a six-step clear coat paint finish which is virtually scratch resistant. The 5.45qt HyClean dust bag features spring-loaded sealing to keep dust and dirt from entering the air upon changing (vitally important to anyone with asthma or allergies.)

The Fakir Flight Air S-200 – Under $600

Fakir S-200The Fakir Flight S-200 is a favorite of ours for its sleek design and modern build. As far as vacuums go, it’s quite stylish. But the Fakir brand also delivers a quality machine. A few of our favorite features include…

    • 360 degree swivel connector allows the Flight to move easily and prevents hose kinks
    • Molded wheels make for silent movement across flooring
    • On-board storage caddy holds cleaning accessories
    • Electronic sensor indicates filter status making maintenance easy

The low profile design of the Flight S-200 keeps it from bumping into furniture unnecessarily and the 7 foot crush-proof suction hose with handle and suction control add new height to your cleaning. The manual power controls allow you to choose between light suction for draperies or dusting all the way to 1400 watts to clean your dense carpeting. The Flight is a great choice for any home and is sure to leave you impressed.

The Miele S8990 Brilliant – Under $1,500

Miele S8 UniQ Best Vacuum 2015You may notice Miele makes a few appearances on our top five list and it’s for good reason. Miele is one of the most elite appliance manufacturers of our time and their vacuum cleaners are no exception. So we’d be remiss if we didn’t include their latest and most advanced model. It’s a great option to cap off our best of 2015.

The Miele S8 Brilliant is really something incredible. Similar to a luxury sports car, the Brilliant includes bells and whistles you’d never expect to find in a vacuum cleaner including a velvet lined tool compartment and bumper strip. You’ll also find…

  • Deluxe handle grip with control settings on the hose handle
  • Lightweight construction and ergonomic carrying handle
  • LED underbody lights and illuminated side park system
  • Illuminated carpet power head to shine a light on your cleaning path
  • Rich mahogany brown metallic, chip-resistant exterior coating

The Brilliant’s sealed canister construction and silence insulation both contain the smallest particles and make for a quiet running vacuum. With Miele’s exclusive automatic setting function, you can allow the machine to automatically adjust to different power levels when the vacuum detects the need to or you can use the convenient handle switches to set the six power levels from 1200 to 300 watts. Your Brilliant comes with the Electro Premium Electrobrush (SEB236) for vacuuming your dense carpets and rugs, theAll TeQ Combination smooth/carpet floor tool, and the XL 16-Inch Parquet Twister Brush for hard surface flooring.

 Where Can I Get One?

Understandably, these high quality brands aren’t carried in your average big-box store. To find these vacuums, you’ll need to contact a certified retailer as the manufacturers tend to be choosy with the sale of their products. But, as they say, you get what you pay for. And in this case, that’s one of the absolute best vacuum cleaners on the market. If you still need assistance finding the best vacuum for your needs and budget, get personalized help from one of our vacuum experts at 1-800-221-8227.

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  1. To avoid loud noises you can chose that tipsy of vacuums that will run quiet but still have the power to clean. The best way to compare noise levels is to check the product specifications or ask a salesperson for the decibel level (dB). A vacuum with a decibel level in the 60-65 dB range will be extremely quiet.

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