Best Central Vacuum For 2015

The second entry in our “Best of 2015” series is dedicated to the central vacuum system.  We don’t mean to brag, but this is kind of our area of expertise. It’s no surprise people come to us for the answer to the question…

What’s the best central vacuum unit?

Our team gave this one a lot of thought and narrowed it down to our ultimate five favorite power units. We based our review on customer satisfaction, our personal experiences, and, frankly, the past sixty years in the vacuum industry. The below power units are our go-to choices, perfect for almost any home or business. Take a look at the list and feel confident choosing one of these incredible central vacuum systems.

The Top Five Central Vacuums Of 2015

The Imperium CV3200 – Filtered Unit Under $500

Imperium CV3200 Central VacuumTime and time again our experts are recommending this product to customers. It’s one of our top-selling power units and for good reason. We love the Imperium brand because of the incredible level of care that goes into the manufacturing and the fact that these units are proudly made in the USA. The CV3200 features…

  • 6.25 gallon dirt canister with the option to use a plastic liner for easier clean-up
  • Surf-Tex™ permanent filter which resists bacteria, mold, and mildew growth
  • 561 Air Watts of suction power
  • Powerful enough for homes up to 6,000 square feet

The Imperium CV3200 also features a patented Air Channel which eliminates clouds of dust billowing up in your face when you empty the dirt can. It’s also important to note that this central vacuum is a filtered unit, not a cyclonic or paper bag unit (keep reading if you’re shopping specifically for one of those.)

The Rhino Vac 700R-LS – Filtered Unit Under $625

Rhino Vac 700R-LS Power UnitThe key bonus in owning a central vacuum system is the ability to vacuum your home without the disruption and noise of a standard vacuum. With the Rhino Vac 700R-LS, you get 700 Air watts and 132″ of Water Lift at an incredibly quiet 59 decibels. In addition to a 20 year warranty, the 700R-LS features…

  • Solid, all steel construction
  • HEPA Membrane Filter perfect for homeowners with breathing issues
  • 5 Gallon dirt canister
  • Powerful enough for a 12,000 square foot home

The Rhino Vac 700R-LS comes with a utility inlet so you have access to the vacuum in its location. It’s an important feature for homeowners who want to have a garage or basement inlet. This central vacuum, like the CV3200, is a filtered unit and can be vented to the exterior for best exhaust.

The Imperium CV800 – Bagged Unit Under $650

Imperium CV800If you’re specifically looking for a bagged central vacuum unit our absolute favorite is the Imperium CV800. The CV800 features a special HEPA bag which uses the latest filtration technology for the removal of tiny, lung-damaging particles.

  • All steel construction with special non-corrosive paints
  • 6.75 Gallon dirt canister
  • Included muffler and foam shields allow for a quiet 68 dB
  • Lamb Ametek 8.4″ motor give this unit a long life
    • Powerful enough for a 10,000 square foot home

Choosing a bagged central vacuum unit has its advantages. The Imperium CV800’s extra-large bagged capacity (6.75 Gallon) means you may only have to change the bag every six months or so, making it a dream unit for the low maintenance homeowner. Additionally, if the person responsible for emptying the canister has health issues, a bagged unit is an absolute must in order to prevent breathing in loose particles.

The VacuMaid S1660 – Cyclonic Unit Under $750

VacuMaid S1660 Central VacuumThe VacuMaid S1660 Central Vacuum Power Unit comes from Lyndsay Manufacturing in Oklahoma. This “Made In The USA” unit is unique because it features a split design. The motor is housed in a separate, foam-lined chamber that reduces noise and can be installed in a discreet location such as a garage or basement. Then, the dirt canister can be installed in a more convenient location to simplify regular maintenance.

  • Only 60 db for an ultra quiet run and an included muffler kit to reduce noise level even further
  • 6.75 gallon dirt canister with an option to use plastic liners
  • Constructed from rolled galvannealed steel and powder coated for a tough, corrosion resistant lifetime
  • Powerful enough for a 6,000 square foot home

The S1660 is a cyclonic filtration power unit. This means, once dirt and debris are vacuumed up, they are swirled around the dirt canister, separating the large debris from the small. Through this process, the large debris falls to the bottom of the dirt can while the lighter dirt and dust are vented straight outside your home. What makes cyclonic units so popular is the limited required maintenance. As there is no filter or paper bag required, the only thing to take care of is emptying the dirt canister (which may only be necessary a couple of times a year.)

The Imperium CV7800 / CV1200 – Cyclonic Unit Under $800

Imperium CV7800/cv1200 Power UnitThe final power unit on our Top Five list is the Imperium CV7800 with the CV1200. Like the above VacuMaid, the CV7800 is a true cyclonic system made in the USA. It doesn’t use bags or filters so there’s no loss of suction over time. With cyclonic filtration, heavy particles fall to the bottom of the dirt can and all the fine particles and allergens are exhausted outside.

  • No traditional filters to clog or clean; No loss of suction by dirty cloth, paper or foam filters; Virtually 100% sustained cleaning power.
  • An ultra quiet 60 db when running
  • Includes a utility inlet on the system to give you access to the vacuum even in the remote area you choose for installation
  • 6.75 gallon dirt canister capacity
  • Premier 7.2″ Tangential by-pass motor for ultimate power
  • Powerful enough for a 10,000 square foot home

The Imperium CV7800/CV1200 also features a patented Air Channel, which allows a plastic can liner to be used inside the dirt canister making emptying the can less hassle and less mess. With the Air Channel, you eliminate clouds of dust billowing up in your face when you empty the dirt can.

So What Now?

Now that you know the best central vacuums on the market, you need to decide which unit is right for your home or business. Start first by determining the type of unit you want (read a comparison of bagged, filtered, or cyclonic) and then choose a model that is right for your square footage. For customized help or assistance putting together an entire package including pipe and inlets, use the Custom Kit Builder or call 1-800-221-8227.

4 thoughts on “Best Central Vacuum For 2015

  1. Hi, I have an old unit-FASCO Master Vac II- Model # 852SVDM. Need to replace. House is 3200 sf, 2 stories, unit in basement, hardwood floors, 7 outlets. What is a good replacement? Thanks

    1. Hello Robert-
      Thanks for contacting us. I’m happy to recommend a compatible central vacuum power unit…
      The Imperium PINK ( is a perfect replacement because it’s also a 120 volt solution. It offers more than enough power for your home – rated up to 6,000 square feet – and includes a 5 year warranty. The Imperium brand is of the highest quality, is made in America, and best of all, Central Vacuum Stores makes a donation to cancer research with every PINK purchase.
      We’d love to chat with you further and help you with your replacement, perhaps even recommend some updated attachments and accessories. Please call 1-800-221-8227 to speak with one of our representatives or privately send us your information to have someone contact you. Thanks again!

  2. Hello i hooked all the pipes up in my house for centralvac i have 2 inlets and a 30′ hose should cover each floor and my basement probably 25’of pipe total in the walls im looking for a good strong system to finish this project up i dont want to run a vent house is 1500 square feet but going to extend to 2500 what should i get for a system

    1. Hi Mark. Sounds like you’ve already accomplished a lot! The next step is choosing the best power unit. For your size home I have two suggestions.
      First, is a bagged unit (meaning it can collect the dirt and debris in a plastic liner that requires changing.) It’s the Imperium CV3200:
      Second is a filtered unit (meaning the dirt and debris are filtered into the canister without a bag.) It’s the Imperium PINK:
      Both power units are made in America and feature the highest quality motor in the industry (Ametek-Lamb.) If you have further questions, call one of our central vac specialists at 1-800-221-8227. They can even order the unit for you.
      Thanks for the great question!

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