Five Must Haves When Building A Home (That Your Contractor May Not Be Telling You About)

Building a new home is both exciting and overwhelming. The challenges you’re likely to face throughout the process can be numerous, but with a little endurance and a whole lot of planning, your dream house is right at your fingertips.

When in the beginning stages, you’ll receive plenty of advice on the latest appliances, critical building materials, and optional finishes. But we’ve collected a list of Five “Must-Haves” your contractor may not tell you about. Read up on these innovative home solutions and call your builder. It’s not too late to add them to your building plans!

1) Central Vacuum System

What is it?

The power unit is installed somewhere discreet. From  it, the vacuum piping is run through your walls to rooms in your home.
The power unit is installed somewhere discreet. From it, the vacuum piping is run through your walls to rooms in your home.

A central vacuum system consists of a powerful vacuum unit mounted in a discreet location and hidden vacuum piping connecting to inlets around your home.

Many homeowners install power units (like the one shown here) in basements, garages, or laundry rooms. From the unit, piping is run within the walls to provide vacuum coverage throughout the house. These pipes end in strategically placed inlets, either mounted on a wall or on the floor of a room, hallway, or closet.

When it comes time to tidy up, the homeowner uses a portable vacuum hose and a wide assortment of optional attachments. The hose is simply plugged into an inlet to access the vacuum power. Central vacuum units are available in a range of powers to meet the needs of any sized home and Central Vacuum Stores offers DIY help in planning the number of inlets you’ll likely need to cover your space efficiently.

Why do I need one?

  • Because the power unit itself is installed in a location often detached from the main living space or bedrooms, you’re provided with quiet vacuuming. Owners with small children or pets find this to be an exceptional benefit.
  • Speaking of pets, over time, a standard vacuum becomes coated with fur and dander causing the unit to smell whenever in use. However, a central vacuum system collects your pet’s fur away from your living area, thus eliminating stinky odors.
  • Central vacuum systems provide numerous optional attachments to customize your experience. From standard accessories like upholstery nozzles and powerful carpet brushes, to specialized options like mini-blind dusting attachments and garage sets.
  • Standard vacuums must vent as the suction is activated, causing dirt that isn’t captured in the filter to exhaust back into your home. But a central vacuum unit can be exhausted to the exterior of your house, removing even the smallest dust and allergens.
  • Inlets can be installed anywhere you need and custom options have been designed to make your life even simpler. Take the Central Vacuum Stores HolsterVac, for example. Ideal for a garage workbench or mounted under a kitchen sink, the vacuum power is activated as soon as the stretch hose is removed from its holder making for extra quick cleanup.
  • Bagless canister options eliminate the regular costs of maintaining a standard vacuum. No belts to change, no bags to replace!

Central vacuum systems are cost-effective and very low maintenance. They add to your home’s value and increase the efficiency of your day-to-day life. And these convenient systems aren’t only for new construction. Including a central vacuum in your current home is possible, too. We can even provide all the steps you’ll need for a DIY renovation.

There’s a reason a central vacuum system is number one on our list. The benefits to your family’s health and the many custom options make this an easy choice for your new home. For more installation help or to confer with a Central Vacuum Stores representative on choosing the correct product, contact us today at 1-800-221-8227.

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2) Home Intercom System

What is it?

A master station featuring video door camera for added security
A master station featuring video door security to speak with your guest before allowing entry. You can also control the music and contact one or all room stations from the master.

A home intercom system consists of a master unit wall-mounted in a central location (such as a kitchen or living room) and additional stations in desired rooms throughout your home. The master station is connected to the various room stations via wires run within your interior walls. Though each model offers different features, most home intercom systems include options for entryway security, and patio speakers & stations.

The master station will also have functions to play music, call rooms, call throughout the home, or connect with an entry station. Room stations vary in functions but some can call from room to room, connect with an entry station, and play either its individual music choice or that of the master station. Some units even offer mechanisms that can unlock a door or gate to allow entry for your guest right from the station.

Why do I need one?

  • As most systems offer a front entryway speaker, you’ll be able to connect with the individual at your door before deciding to open it. This extra level of safety for your family is perhaps the primary benefit. Today’s families are busier than ever and, as such, it isn’t uncommon for children to be home alone for periods of time. What better way to ensure their safety than provide them with a way to deny entry to a guest at the door without ever opening it? Some models even include security cameras so you can view the visitor.
  • We all know that communication is the key to a healthy family, so why wouldn’t you want to build your home around that principal? The advantages to a large or multi-story residence are obvious. No more shouting to the upstairs playroom or from two rooms away. An intercom system can take a large estate and create a peaceful home.
  • But the benefits aren’t only for homes with extra square feet. No matter the size, creating a safe place for an elderly or disabled family member is important and the ability to contact another location of the home immediately gives real peace of mind. Some models even include a monitor option. This allows you to silently connect to a room to hear any disturbances, making it ideal for homes with napping children.

A home intercom system is your front line of residential security and a great way to pacify the daily routine in your home. Units can range in price based on a variety of optional features and will be ultimately customized for your home. These systems can be self-installed using the manufacturers instructions or installed by your licensed contractor.

Not only intended for a new home, installing an intercom system in existing construction is also possible. The wires required to be run between the stations can be handled within the attic or fished through walls using the correct tools. For more installation help or to confer with an intercom specialist on choosing the correct product, contact us today at 1-800-221-8227.

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3) Built-In Ironing Solution

What is it?

Built In Ironing BoardsFor many of us, ironing can be a dreaded and tedious task. While we can’t eliminate the chore entirely for you, we can certainly streamline the process and offer some efficient solutions. An integrated ironing system frees up needed space in your home and keeps your task organized. There are many different options from which to choose including wall-mounted and built-in.

A wall-mounted ironing system is a unit designed to be installed directly onto a wall. These units do not require the owner to cut into or leave space in a wall’s structure. When installing a wall-mounted system, you want to be mindful to have access to a nearby electrical outlet to power your iron.

A built-in ironing system needs to be installed within the wall structure (typically between two wall studs.) These recessed units feature additional options like electrical connectivity and a wide assortment of door styles. They’re also a better option for small spaces as they conserve even more space.

Why do I need one?

  • Storing a bulky ironing board and supplies can take up valuable space in any home. By mounting an ironing system it’s not only out of your way but all hidden behind closed doors.
  • The custom options offered by many manufactures ensure you will find a system to meet both your needs and your style.

Unfolding a standard ironing board and gathering your needed supplies only adds to the laborious task of ironing. By streamlining your method with an integrated ironing system, you’re making a tedious task a little friendlier.

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4) Kitchen Trash Compactor

What is it?

Trash compactors come in a variety of door styles such as stainless steel, white, black, and can even be customized to match your cabinetry.
Trash compactors come in a variety of door styles such as stainless steel, white, black, and can even be customized to match your cabinetry.

Perhaps the majority of time spent planning a new home is in designing a dream kitchen. A trash compactor is often overlooked, though many owners find these appliances to be as important as a refrigerator or stove. A trash compactor can reduce your trash bag changes by 75%. Specialized compactor bags can hold up to 30lbs of waste!

Modern trash compactors feature electronic controls, automatic odor control system, and antimicrobial protection. They also come in a variety of door options such as stainless steel, white, black, tile inlay, or wood overlay. Some also include optional features like auto-start delay.

Why Do I Need One?

  • Today we are growing more and more conscious about our global “footprint.” A trash compactor reduces waste by limiting the number of trash bags used per household. And thanks to the formal odor control, there’s no longer a need to change a trash bag just because of the smell.
  • No one loves the chore of taking out the trash. A trash compactor minimizes the trips to the street allowing you to spend your time on what’s more important.
  • Trash compactors are a great addition to homes that also recycle. As a bulk of your household’s waste is divided into recycling bins, the remaining trash is often decomposing waste. The odor control feature is an excellent addition to care for this trash.

As you build your dream kitchen, you’ll want to include every feature you’ve longed for, from the oversized island to the six-burner cook top. But don’t neglect the practical in your search for perfection. You may be surprised to find the trash compactor turns out being your favorite day-to-day appliance.

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5) Broan-NuTone Ventilation Solutions

What Is It?

Vent Fans & HeatersYour contractor or builder should have an understanding of the necessary ventilation standards required in your area. Most common are the standards for proper bathroom ventilation to limit moisture build-up. It’s a key element in safeguarding against mold and mildew. Although it’s a building code, no reason to keep things boring!

Today’s bath fans offer features like humidity sensing auto-start, motion sensors, ultra silent fan motors, and even decorative light fixtures that hide the fan. Your contractor may assume you’re interested in only the standard units, so be sure to ask about your options or, better yet, surprise them by reading up on the different choices here.

Why Do I Need One?

  • It may not be a choice of whether or not you need one…It’s likely that there are ventilation requirements in your area for new homes. That’s because keeping your home moisture and odor free should be a building standard.
  • Today’s ventilation solutions are both stylish and high-tech. You may be surprised to find that they meet more than just a need, they also complement your design!
  • Mold and mildew are a frightening truth. The only real way to keep them at bay is to properly vent moisture outside your space so that it doesn’t have to settle or set.

We understand, ventilation solutions are by no means glamorous. You certainly have other exciting things on your mind when building a home, but this is not the time to neglect the practical. Work with your contractor or builder to discuss what ventilation solutions they’re planning to implement and how you can customize them to meet your personal style.

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