Compact & Portable Stick Vacuums

For many scenarios, a full-sized vacuum cleaner is too cumbersome or too high maintenance to take out and put away. There are a million little tasks that are better tackled with a stick vacuum. The quick clean-up before a visitor comes over; the spot clean where the sugar was spilled; the daily cleaning of the door mat or area rug; the possibilities are endless!

Lightweight stick vacuums get their name from their slender, no frills design. While they certainly hold less dirt than a standard vacuum, they’re really not intended to replace your full-sized unit but to complement it. Stick vacuums are so popular for day-to-day duties and small chores. They’re a favorite among pet owners for the regular vacuuming of pet fur on the fly.

Electrical Stick Vacuums

Miele S194 Quickstep Stick Vacuum
The Miele S194 Quickstep is a “plug-in” stick vacuum offering more powerful cleaning.

For a compact vacuum featuring more power, consider the Miele Quickstep. Because the unit is powered via an electrical cord (not battery-powered like the Electrolux units) the Quickstep is better able to clean carpeting. The powerful suction digs deep into fibers and offers better lift than a battery-powered unit.

With the Quickstep, you’re also getting Miele’s exceptional manufacturing standards and high-quality components. It features an AirClean Filter and a pre-motor filter. Plus, the Quickstep features the Type K Intensive Clean dust bag (the below Electrolux models are bagless.) This makes it a great option for owners with allergies or asthma so you don’t come in contact with the waste.

Battery Powered Stick Vacuums

Stick Vacuums With Detachable Hand Held Vac
The main vacuum unit can detach and re-attach from the vacuum body and double as a hand-held cleaner.

For a unit boasting double duty, take a look at the unique Ergorapido Series from Electrolux. These battery-powered stick vacuums feature a detachable hand-held cleaner. Simply remove the vacuum from the vacuum’s skeleton and, voilà! It serves as a hand-held vacuum, too!

The Ergorapido come in a variety of styles and features including LED headlights, Lithium ION batteries, One-Touch release options, and extra-wide cleaning paths. Prices range between $100 and $350, depending on the options you want. Each will also include a dusting brush and crevice attachment tool.

Take a look at our selection of Stick Vacuums below…

Bagged, Electrical Option:

Picture of Miele S194 Quickstep

Bagless, Battery Operated Options:

Any thoughts?

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