The HolsterVac: Quick, Automatic, Convenient

Growing up on John Wayne movies, you say the word “Holster” and I imagine the Duke pulling a six-shooter like lightning and firing from the hip. You can keep hold of that imagery as you shop the HolsterVac Retractable Vacuum System. Just as your favorite American cowboy had a trusty quick-draw, you can have immediate suction at your fingertips!

The HolsterVac sprung from an ongoing frustration over wood chips and metal shavings. Central Vacuum Stores’ owner, Roger Ambrose was continually cleaning his workbench with his central vacuum system, sometimes multiple times a day. Though it was a powerful way to clean the area, needing to get out the hose, attach it to the inlet, and power it up every time was a real hassle. Roger wished for something that was more than just fast…he wanted it to be immediate. And so the HolsterVac was born.

The HolsterVac Original designed for workbenches, hair salons, grooming businesses, craft tables, and dozens of other applications.


  • Automatic power when the handle is removed from the holder: The simple design features a solid wood box that holds a key element: the conduction proximity switch. The conduction proximity switch recognizes when the metal nozzle is removed from the holder and automatically powers the vacuum on. Simply put, lift the handle and the vacuum starts, put it back and it stops.
  • Space-saving hose stretches when pulled but retracts small: We’ve packaged the HolsterVac with a super stretch hose that extends from 3 feet to 15 feet or 10 feet to 30 feet. This allows the entire unit to be installed in a confined space such as a cabinet, corner, or table top, but still reach as far as a standard vacuum hose.
The New HolsterVac Kitchen
The HosterVac Kitchen installed in the kitchen of the Central Vacuum Stores office.
The HolsterVac Kitchen installed in the kitchen of the Central Vacuum Stores office.

Expanding the line even further, Central Vacuum Stores introduces the next generation of HolsterVacs, the HolsterVac Kitchen. Featuring a new design to be installed on the floor of a cabinet, the HolsterVac Kitchen is a perfect addition to your existing or new central vacuum installation. We all know the kitchen is prone to spills and messes, so why not clean them up as quickly as they’re made?

Both the HolsterVac Original and the HolsterVac Kitchen are moderately priced and easy to include in your current or new system and each purchase includes follow-up installation advice. For more information, call 1-800-221-8227 to speak with a specialist or shop the HolsterVac line of products. 

Check out these videos demonstrating the HolsterVac features and benefits:

The HolsterVac Original:

The HolsterVac Kitchen:

Any thoughts?

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