Products We Love: Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Spreading February Love: Our Employee’s Favorite Products

Pam & Bob
Shout-out to my Valentine, Bob, who doesn’t mind using the vacuum either!

Pam Hendry – Sales Specialist

Hands down, my favorite purchase has been the Miele vacuums I’ve owned and even passed on. My current model is the Marin with the SEB228 powerhead.  I love that Miele’s are quality made, have a long life span, a 7 year motor warranty, and have true HEPA filtration. The Marin is quiet, easily maneuverable, and pretty! I’ve even used it to suction air from my MoreSpaceBags!

I previously owned the Callisto, which I gave to my daughter after 3 years of gentle use. When I asked my her about her favorite features, she said, “It picks up really well. I don’t have to vacuum over an area multiple times to get the area clean. With 2 small kids, time is of the essence! I also love the HEPA filtration. Best vacuum I’ve ever owned…by far. And, I love the retractable cord. Takes 2 seconds to put away instead of spending time wrapping the cord up.”

Any thoughts?

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