Products We Love: The Imperium CV500 Conversion

Spreading February Love: Our Employee’s Favorite Products

Brad Prince – Tech & Installation Support

Happy Valentine’s to my lovely Janine!

My favorite product is the Imperium CV500. The CV500 can be added to any existing cyclonic or inverted filter central vacuum power unit to make it a bagged unit. We have this in our Central Vacuum warehouse where venting outside is prohibited. That’s 22,000 Sq.Ft. of dirt collecting, paper bag containing, beauty and (as you can imagine) we do a LOT of vacuuming.

CV500 Customers love the CV500 because, often times, they’ve recently moved into a home with a cyclonic or inverted filter system but would rather a paper bag unit. (Those who suffer from allergies or asthma require paper bag units to keep from breathing in dangerous particles when it comes time to empty the canister.)

Got an older cyclonic beast that needs to be tamed? (And not with a particle mask?) Look no further! The CV500 is easy to install and goes in-line just before your main central vacuum unit or motor pod.

Any thoughts?

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