Products We Love: The Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System

Spreading February Love: Our Employee’s Favorite Products

Mary Anderson – Sales Specialist

MaryMy all time favorite product is my Hide-A-Hose central vacuum system, of course! I just love it! One hose, just shy of 60 ft, covers my whole house. The Hide a Hose is so easy to pull out of the wall and, the best part is, it automatically puts itself away. The new Rapid Flex Hose works even better than the original design, flying back up into the wall! The best part is my husband loves to use it, too!

Shout-out to my Valentine, my husband, who recently remodeled our bathroom. He used the Hide-A-Hose throughout the renovation to clean up the dirt, wood, and concrete chips. Built my dream bathroom and cleaned up after himself, too…what a great guy!

Any thoughts?

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