Products We Love: The Imperium CV300 Power Unit

Spreading February Love: Our Employee’s Favorite Products

Nancy Mims
Nancy hopes the shipping team doesn’t pull a prank like this again this coming April Fools Day!

Nancy Mims – Shipping Administrator

I love, LOVE the Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit. In fact, if thieves broke into my house, I’d hope they’d steal other things and leave my CV300.

It’s cute and requires very little space making it perfect for small homes like mine. I didn’t even have to put an inlet in the walls of the house, I just use the one ON the power unit. A 40″ hose reaches my whole house. I plan to put in a suction line out to the car port so I can vacuum out my car, too. The CV300 is great for gals to install, has powerful suction, a bag that’s easy to change, and is made in USA!

A shout-out to my valentine…MOMMA, who taught me to keep my house clean!!

Any thoughts?

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