Products We Love: The HolsterVac

Spreading February Love: Our Employee’s Favorite Products

Renee Ambrose – Owner, Central Vacuum Stores

ReneeMy favorite product is our HolsterVac. We have a HolsterVac Kitchen under our kitchen sink at home and it’s proven to be unbelievably convenient time and time again. I do a lot of cooking and I use it constantly. Spill flour or sugar on the floor…who wants to stop what you’re doing and pull out the vacuum? I simply open the cabinet under the my kitchen sink, lift out the hose end, and I’ve got instant suction. I can clean up any mess and get back to my work in seconds. It’s also great for the occasional broken glass (especially here in Florida where we’re so often barefoot.) Just grab the HolsterVac and clean it up quickly and safely.

The HolsterVac Original is also great for my husband’s work bench. He’s enjoys what we call “tinkering” and always has two or three projects going on. Whether it’s wood-working or mechanical repairs, the immediate vacuum power of the HolsterVac is a must. Otherwise, my garage would be a disaster! This way, he has no excuse but to keep the space clean.

Shout-out to my Valentine, Roger Ambrose, the inventor of the HolsterVac. Just another reason to love him!

Any thoughts?

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