Products We Love: The Reliable T1 Steamboy Steam Mop

Spreading February Love: Our Employee’s Favorite Products

Bonnie Clark – Blogger & Social Media Specialist

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My Valentine’s and the reasons I keep clean floors.

It’s hard to choose a favorite product. Those who know me know that cleaning ranks only under sleeping as one of my favorite things in life. But if I had to pick one thing, it would likely be the Reliable T1 Steamboy Steam Mop.

When my life was child-free, I had plenty of time to mop and polish my hard wood floors and could even skip a week or two because they stayed relatively clean with just vacuuming. But everything changed when a drooling, scooting, pooping machine disrupted my beautiful home. He spends nearly every waking moment on our floors and, as a result, they are in a constant state of slobber and food remnants.

But the real dilemma came when I read the ingredients listed on my regular floor cleaner. Yikes! I couldn’t risk those chemicals being ingested by my son. Thankfully, I knew that I could use powerful, extra hot steam to disinfect and sanitize my surfaces safely. After a quick vacuum to remove any loose debris and dirt, I plug in the T1 Steamboy and in a matter of seconds, it’s ready to use!

The cloth pads (two included) are gentle on my hard wood and machine washable so they can be used again and again. It only weighs 8lbs and has a 180˚ swivel head so I can maneuver it throughout tight spaces and around furniture legs. It even has an attachment that you can use to sanitize carpeting. The T1 Steamboy is THE BEST!

Any thoughts?

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