Miele CM5000 Espresso Machine – White

In college, we had a Starbucks right inside our main university library. Open late and always well staffed, that coffee shop had a line around the entrance and back at all hours of the day (and night.) To say I was a frequent consumer is an understatement. Half my monthly stipend went towards lattes and espresso shots.

But with age, came wisdom…or at least a greater consideration for my wallet. I can no longer justify spending $4 – $5 every day on a fancy coffee. But I still need my favorite fix to keep me going. What’s a girl to do?

The Miele CM 5000 Espresso Machine

Miele CM 5000 Espresso Machine White

While the initial sticker price may deter you, it only takes a quick glimpse into your habits to put it in perspective.

If you’re like me and stop for a latte or cappuccino before work, you’re looking at spending at least $4.00 each weekday. Total that up for a year and that’s an annual cost of $1,040. Yikes!! And what about all the weekend or twice-a-day stops? What about how often your spouse or roommate grabs an order? For a household with two coffee drinkers, that number could be closer to $2,000!

In light of these numbers, you can see that the initial cost of a Miele Espresso Maker would be justified within a year. But that’s only the financial benefit of owning your own machine. You should also consider all the time you’ve spent in the past year waiting in line or in a drive-thru; leaving the house an extra twenty or thirty minutes early in order to take the longer route past your favorite shop; the annoyance of having to loop back around when they get your order wrong. You cannot put a price on your time!

What Can I Make?

Miele CM5000 Coffee System - WhiteMake no mistake, this is not a typical coffee maker you pick up at a big-box store. Almost any specialty drink you order at a coffee shop, you can make with the CM5000. Lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, macchiatos, freshly brewed coffee, teas…it’s all possible!

  • Dual espresso spouts to customize your size and strength
  • Steam valve to heat and froth milk for drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos
  • Insulated milk flask, made of double-walled stainless steel keeps milk cool for up to 12 hours without any loss of quality
  • Whole bean grinder provides the freshest espresso and coffee flavor
  • By-pass shoot allows you to also use pre-ground coffee (for example if you’re making a decaf for a friend)

Is It Confusing To Use?

Many espresso machines have earned a bad reputation for their difficulty of use. Press this button, turn this knob, count to ten, move the cup in time to catch the coffee…what a mess. So it’s no wonder millions of people feel safer going to a shop and leaving the work to a pro. But the Miele CM5000 completely solves this with the simplicity of a step-by-step LED menu and prompt.

Miele CM 5000 Espresso Machine WhiteUsing the Menu, select the type of drink you’d like to make and the size (choice of four) and follow the instructions as you go. 

Another concern from those who have owned a lousy unit in the past is their short life-spans. But Miele completely backs their product with an included two-year warranty. A 5 year extended warranty can also be purchased.

And day-to-day maintenance is nothing to be worried about, either. The CM5000 offers prompts to empty the waste container and drip tray, prompts for replenishment of coffee beans and water, a removable, easy-to-clean brew unit, and a removable water tank. It also includes descaling tablets, cleaning tablets, and a water hardness test. The CM5000 takes all the guesswork out of caring for your machine and troubleshooting any delays.

Where Can I Purchase One?

The Miele CM5000 isn’t sold in many stores so the easiest way to purchase one is through an online retailer. We offer free shipping on the CM5000 and also carry Miele’s full line of accessories to complement your unit (additional milk flasks, cleaning tablets, etc.)

Any thoughts?

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