How To Save Money On A Central Vacuum System

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing central vacuum system or on your way to installing a brand new one, we all share one thing in common: we’re hoping to save money where we can.

Tips For Installing A Central Vacuum System On The Cheap

  1. 0081827_customized-kit-builders_200Buy A Complete Kit –  You’ll save money if you buy a complete package offering a power unit and components in one. You’ll often receive discounts or incentives by buying this way and save money on shipping costs. Plus, utilizing a Custom Kit Builder Program allows you to take a step-by-step approach and may introduce you to some add-ons or components you hadn’t thought of. Replacement Kits designed for owners looking to update their existing system can also include new brushes and wands to suit your home at a discount price.
  2. thumbUse Plumbing PVC Instead Of Central Vacuum Piping – In many cases, central vacuum piping is only available online and the shipping costs can be enormous. Plumbing PVC, however, is readily available at most local home improvement stores and is less expensive. However, it doesn’t connect to standard central vacuum fittings. The solution? This patented 2×2 adaptor designed to connect plumbing PVC to central vacuum system components. It’s inexpensive, practical, and allows you to simplify your install.
  3. 0082098_cyclonic-bagless-power-units_200Choose A Cyclonic Power Unit Without Bags – Cyclonic power units use a special filtration and exhaust that allow the dirt and debris to collect in the canister without the use of a bag. Considering central vacuum bags can range between $3-$7 and can often only be found online, choosing a bagless cyclonic unit will save you money over time and a lot of hassle, too. Changing the dirt canister is also very straightforward. You simply remove it, dump it, and put it back. Owners love the no fuss/no muss maintenance!
  4. install_step5_gDIY Installation – Installing a central vacuum system truly is a DIY project. Even for a beginner, all the elements are basic and, better yet, you can have a support team if you choose the right retailer. The trick is to buy your system from a company that provides tech and installation support. Central Vacuum Stores has been in business since the 1940’s and has installed thousands of systems in their local market. The real benefit of purchasing your unit or system through Central Vacuum Stores is the fact that your purchase includes unlimited tech support. Phone consultations, emails, and step-by-step video guides make your DIY install a real possibility! Just think of the savings you can achieve by eliminating your contractor!

A central vacuum system adds value to your home or office and doesn’t have to break the bank. Call 1-800-221-8227 for even more personalized help with your project and to talk to a specialists.

Any thoughts?

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