Bath Fan with Wireless Speaker: The Broan Sensonic

Yesterday was a rainy day here in Florida, as many Spring days are, and it felt like the whole world got a little sleepy. It’s the perfect kind of day to light a few candles, finally break out those bath salts you got for Christmas, and sink into a warm bath. The trick to a truly relaxing bath is to match the same ambiance and serenity as your favorite spa and immerse all your senses.

But how can you safely play your favorite classical or instrumental tunes to get that same spa feel? An mP3 player requires headphones and can become a dangerous electrocution possibility. A CD player or stereo needs to be powered and may or may not fit securely on a vanity countertop. So what’s the perfect solution? The Broan Sensonic Bath Fan & Wireless Speaker.

Broan Sensonic Fan with Speaker SPK110
Within the bath fan are two, hidden, powerful speakers connected to play your favorite music wirelessly via BlueTooth.

Broan’s dedication to creating innovative products brings you the absolute latest in home ventilation. The Sensonic bath fan combines a wireless, BlueTooth speaker with an ultra quiet bath fan. 

Connecting the speakers to your phone or bluetooth device is easy. (Take a look here for instructions on connecting your Apple or Android product.) The dual high-fidelity speakers are more than just discreet, they also provide powerful, quality sound.

Broan Sensonic Fan with Speaker SPK110Although the incredibly cool speakers are
certainly the highlight of the Broan Sensonic, you can’t ignore the bath fan itself. With a certified UL listing, the Sensonic can be installed directly over a shower or tub. The ultra quiet and highly insulated motor runs at just 1 sone so as to not overpower the music or disturb the serenity of the space while powerfully removing moisture and odors.

Want The Speakers But Don’t Need A New Fan?

Broan Sensonic Speaker Module SPKACCYou don’t have to wait to upgrade to a new bath fan to get the Sensonic sounds…you can add the Sensonic speakers to your existing QT Series fan! The individual Sensonic Speaker SPKACC System is designed to be installed easily in your current Broan QT Series bath vent fan. VISIT HERE for installation resources and to confirm your model is compliant.

Any thoughts?

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