Hoover Spot Scrubber FH10025

Homes with carpeting can prove to be high maintenance, especially with a full house. If you have children or pets (or, lets face it…a husband) stains will happen. Carpet manufacturers recommend an annual or bi-annual professional deep cleaning of carpeting. It’s a must to truly remove dirt and grime in a way vacuuming can’t.

But even if you do hire a professional cleaner to come twice a year for a good shampoo, I think we all know what can happen in six months. Every homeowner needs a go-to carpet stain plan for quick cleaning action. And for millions, no name is trusted more than Hoover.

Hoover Spot Scrubber-FH10025-WhiteThe Hoover FH10025 Spot Scrubber uses deep cleansing detergent, hot water, and assorted attachments to clean upholstery, hard flooring and carpeting.

Weighing only 10 pounds and featuring a compact design, the Hoover FH10025 is both easy to store and easy to use. The clean and dirty water tank are removable and accept basic tap water (no need for distilled or filtered waters.)

Hoover Spot Scrubber FH10025The three rows of scrubbing bristles on the carpet tool help reach the root of each fiber, removing tough stains without damage. Combined with the powerful 3 Amp, wet extraction, your carpet or upholstery will be left clean and dry. The Hoover FH10025 Spot Scrubber doesn’t stop at carpet cleaning, it also includes a hard flooring squeegee for tile, laminate, wood, or other surfaces. Even showers, countertops, glass…there’s almost nothing the FH10025 can’t clean!

Any thoughts?

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