How To Find My Bath Fan Model Number

Every home has one, but it’s unlikely you know the basic information about your bath fan. In fact, it’s unlikely you think about it at all! But your ventilation fan plays an important role in the proper air, humidity, and odor control of your bathroom. And when the unit quits working or needs repair you REALLY begin to appreciate all it does on a daily basis.

Broan Nutone Motion Sensing Bath FansBroan-NuTone bath fans are designed for easy repair. Replacing a broken motor, grill cover, light lens, or housing structure is a true DIY project. But there’s one place you have to start first…the unit’s model number.

There are more than two hundred bath fan styles offered by Broan-NuTone. If you’re shopping for parts to fit yours, it will be extremely difficult to find the right item without first identifying the model number of your existing unit. So where can you find the model number? On the bath fan housing!

As mentioned in the video… 

  • First, remove the grill cover to reveal the fan housing within the ceiling
  • Next, locate the information sticker, engraving, or stamp on one of the interior walls of the housing
  • Finally, determine the model number (it may be beneficial for you to take a photo of the information with your cell phone so you can have it to search for parts.)

 Looking For Bath Fan Parts?


Now that you have the model number, use the handy search to find all relative parts for your unit. This search will bring up everything available for your model including motors, assemblies, grills, fan blades, filters, and more.


Any thoughts?

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