Miele Swing H1 Stick Vacuum Review

The biggest misconception about life with a toddler is that you have to like the day-to-day in order to love your child. It’s my theory that the complete opposite is, in fact, true. I’m convinced that if you don’t consider dropping your child off at the local Gymboree and driving to New Mexico at least once a day, you’re probably doing something wrong.

1483104_10103593101607421_3248039036357099892_nOne of my most dreaded aspects of parenting a toddler, unfortunately, occurs four times a day. Feeding my son is exhausting, not only because there’s a frantic trial-and-error finding that one specific thing he deems worthy to eat that day, but because of the full cleaning required after all four meals.

It took no time at all to realize it was impractical and wasteful to constantly clean the dropped (more like flung) crumbles of food with wet paper towels. I could go through a roll every three days! What I really needed was a quick & easy extraction that could pick up food bits and get in and out of a room without hassle.

The Miele Swing H1 Vacuum Cleaner

I considered a battery powered hand-vac, but we all know those never have the same suction as a real vacuum. So when the Miele Swing H1 came across my desk, it dawned on me that the answer had been there all along. How do I vacuum bits of food without getting a smelly bag after a day or two? Can I have power and lightweight portability? Yes: with Miele!

Miele Swing H1 Stick VacuumLightweight Power

The Miele Swing H1 Stick Vacuum is a streamlined, portable, and lightweight vacuum cleaner. It’s designed to have just as much power as a full-sized vacuum featuring a 1,000 watt Vortex motor in just under 9 pounds! The Swing also offers Miele’s patented “Sealed System” so odors and tiny particles are kept within the vacuum and not released back into the air. This allows me to vacuum food bits without concerns of having a stinky vacuum.

Miele Swing H1Unmatched Versatility

More than just portable, the Swing H1 is seriously versatile! The Swing includes an SBD470-3 Combination carpet/smooth floor tool, Telescopic wand, Upholstery tool, Crevice Nozzle, and Onboard caddy. Plus, with multiple options for extending or compressing the wand and sliding the power supply up and down, you can assemble your Swing to meet a wide variety of needs. You can even remove the extension wand all together to use the Swing as hand vac.

Miele Swing H1 Stick VacuumVacuum Up Anything

I’m sure your mother always told you not to vacuum up food because it makes the vacuum cleaner smell foul after just a few days. But the Miele features not only the patented “Sealed System” to keep particles and odors contained, but the incredible filtration and bag system keep odors from escaping through the exhaust. Everyone has experienced a vacuum that stinks the moment it’s turned on. That just doesn’t happen with the Swing! It even accepts Miele’s HEPA bags for even more professional filtration.

Your Serious Savings | MIELE’S SERIOUS QUALITY

Miele Swing H1 Stick VacuumThanks to the small size and compact features, the Miele Swing H1 is more affordable than their full-sized models. However, you still get all the incredible benefits and quality control that come with a Miele vacuum. It’s a great option for apartments, condos, boats, RV’s, upstairs playrooms, or to support your existing vacuum cleaner. Plus, the power suction options allow you to clean anything from carpeting to delicate drapery.

Any thoughts?

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