New, High-Tech NuTone Bath Fans

Whether you’re building a new home, in the midst of a remodel, or simply upgrading your bathroom, there are so many exciting things to buy. Fancy, ultra soft towels and cute fixtures; the dream shower head that feels like a fresh rain in the Amazon; beautiful glass accent tiles in the perfect shades of blue…so much fun! But no matter how much you enjoy shopping for the pretty finishing touches, the real important purchases often won’t come with designer packaging.

No one gets excited over a toilet flange or the proper caulking for a the tub basin, and yet without these key products, you’d have a pretty serious flood on your hands! The same goes for the proper ventilation. A vent fan is often required by code in bathrooms due to the important role they play in removing humidity (a common cause of dangerous mold and mildew.) And every homeowner is anxious to eliminate those bathroom odors!

But does utilitarian have to mean boring? NuTone tells us no!

Just because a bath fan is required doesn’t mean it can’t also be a reflection of your lifestyle. You may be surprised to find that today’s ventilation options are as high-tech and user friendly as many of the electronics in your home. Take a look at these ultra cool bath fan options and see for yourself that they’re anything but standard!

Broan Nutone Motion Sensing Bath FansFor The Busy Family Or Office

Today’s “family on the go” may benefit the most from modern technology. Thanks to gadgets and gizmos, it’s easier than ever to plan your calendar, keep tabs on family and friends, and stay up to date on the latest events. Broan NuTone understands what your day-to-day is like and built the “ULTRASense M.”

The ULTRASense™ M line of bath fans feature motion sensing technology. A continuous, low setting remains on to circulate the room. Once motion is detected, the fan will automatically switch to high for the duration of time you set (between 5-60 minutes) before turning back to low. This is an ideal solution for homes with small children who would not otherwise know to turn the fan on or busy folks who simply rush out the door, forgetting to turn it off.

Choose Broan Nutone Ultra Humidity Sensing Bath FansIdeal For Showers Or High-Humidity Spaces

Many bathrooms don’t have windows or other natural ventilation; commercial bathrooms or showers especially. And modern trends like walk in showers and wet rooms, though convenient, have created a need for powerful humidity control. Moisture from daily showers can build up over time causing a real health risk from mold and mildew. If you find your bathroom walls and fixtures damp with moisture after showers or baths, you should consider the use of an “ULTRASense H” ventilation fan.

Broan NuTone’s ULTRASense™ H features humidity sensing technology. Thanks to new technology, the ULTRASense H line registers a quick rise in humidity, like when a shower is in use, and responds with the appropriate fan speed to clear the room quickly. Once the humidity levels drop, the fan automatically shits off.

Broan Sensonic Fan with Speaker SPK110For The Music Lover And Tech Junky

You may think there isn’t much that can make a bath fan “cool;” after all, it’s just there to serve a purpose. But NuTone got the idea to tap into 21st century technology. The brand new NuTone Sensonic Bath Fan can play your favorite tunes wirelessly!

The NuTone Sensonic Bath Fan features dual, high-fidelity sensonic speakers and Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly with your Bluetooth device. Set-up is very easy and requires minimal tech savvy. A great addition for a master bathroom, it’s easy to imagine relaxing in a hot bath to classical symphonies or getting ready for a night out with your peppiest dance mix. Better still, impress visitors by playing tunes in a guest bath and leave them wondering just where that music was coming from! The Sensonic Bath Fan is more than just cool – it’s brilliant!

Any thoughts?

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