Do You Know How To Vacuum? Five Tips For Better Results

Don’t let the title insult you. I’m well aware you know how to vacuum. Turn power on, hold vacuum handle, extend arm, retract arm…it’s obvious we’re not discussing rocket science, here. But for many homeowners, vacuuming ends at those four steps and never ventures much further. It’s almost so easy, you’re not giving it enough thought.

So we’re launching this series to provide five tips to help you both utilize your vacuum to its full potential and get better results. Stay tuned for future posts!

#1: Use The Right Style Vacuum

This seems obvious, but we speak with so many customers who are currently using the wrong vacuum for their home it’s worth mentioning. Vacuum cleaners, like any appliance, are designed with specific needs in mind. The most common difference is the model itself: whether upright or canister.

Best Upright Vacuum Miele Jazz Dynamic U1 VacuumUpright models are really suited for single story homes with carpeting. These vacuum cleaners can house bigger motors, giving them powerhouse suction appropriate to deep clean carpets. It also makes them heavier, thus, they’re not ideal for multi-story homes (as anyone who has lugged one up stairs can attest.)

Miele Onyx Compact C2 VacuumCanister vacuums tend to be lighter, more nimble, and offer the benefit of changeable attachments. Most homeowners would be better off with a canister style cleaner because most homes have both hard flooring and carpeting or area rugs. By simply swapping out your carpet tool for your bare floor tool, you have the best of both worlds. A canister will also travel much easier thanks to the lighter build, making them ideal for multi-story homes.

The point is, your vacuum’s main priority is to clean the floors of your home. So in order to ensure you’re properly removing dust, dirt, and harmful allergens, you have to start at the bottom. Make sure you aren’t just settling for the vacuum you have, but are using the vacuum that is best for your floors. This may require you to purchase a new powerhead for your canister or a new vacuum all together.

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