How To Vacuum – Tip #2

Don’t let the title insult you. I’m well aware you know how to vacuum. Turn power on, hold vacuum handle, extend arm, retract arm…it’s obvious we’re not discussing rocket science, here. But for many homeowners, vacuuming ends at those four steps and never ventures much further. It’s almost so easy, you’re not giving it enough thought.

So we’re launching this series to provide five tips to help you both utilize your vacuum to its full potential and get better results. Stay tuned for future posts!


Vacuum replacement bagIt’s easy to get lazy about changing the dirt bag or dirt canister on your vacuum. No one really wants to do it, but keep these facts in mind:

  • Even a half-full bag or canister will begin to effect the suction of your vacuum. A full bag is nearly useless.
  • The air suctioned in while you vacuum travels through the dirt bag/canister and out back into your home through the filtration. The more full the bag or canister, the more dirt and debris you end up recycling right back into the air!
  • Don’t ignore the additional filters. Working alongside your bag, you vacuum likely has filters that require cleaning or regular changing. These filters tend to keep dirt from the air or from the vacuum motor. And if too much dirt gets into the motor…you’ll be shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.
  • Use this easy web tool to find the replacement bag & filter for your vacuum

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