How To Vacuum – Tip #3

Don’t let the title insult you. I’m well aware you know how to vacuum. Turn power on, hold vacuum handle, extend arm, retract arm…it’s obvious we’re not discussing rocket science, here. But for many homeowners, vacuuming ends at those four steps and never ventures much further. It’s almost so easy, you’re not giving it enough thought.

So we’re launching this series to provide five tips to help you both utilize your vacuum to its full potential and get better results. Stay tuned for future posts!


It boggles my mind that people chose to vacuum their floors and then get out a second tool to dust their home. Dusters and feather cleaners may catch some dust, but the majority is just swept into the air, destined to settle somewhere else as soon as you turn your back. Especially important for homeowners with allergies or health concerns, dusting with your vacuum is the obvious best solution. Why wouldn’t you want to suction away that dirt and really remove it from your home?

0053971_imperium-dusting-brush-34839_200 A standard dusting brush, perfect for:

  • Baseboards & chair moldings
  • Bookshelves
  • Computer keyboards
  • Keepsakes or displayed items
  • Dryer lindt traps, grill covers, AC filters, refrigerator filters

0055345_imperium-universal-elongated-dusting-brush-wwdbl_200An elongated dusting brush, perfect for:

  • Shelving or cabinetry
  • Buffets, tables, credenzas, desks, benches, end tables
  • Ceiling fans (when used with an extension wand)
  • Leather furniture
  • Television screens or computer monitors

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