How To Vacuum – Tip #4

Don’t let the title insult you. I’m well aware you know how to vacuum. Turn power on, hold vacuum handle, extend arm, retract arm…it’s obvious we’re not discussing rocket science, here. But for many homeowners, vacuuming ends at those four steps and never ventures much further. It’s almost so easy, you’re not giving it enough thought.

So we’re launching this series to provide five tips to help you both utilize your vacuum to its full potential and get better results. Stay tuned for future posts!


The poor crevice tool is perhaps one of the least used vacuum attachments. Even if you’re familiar with the above dusting brushes, chances are you rarely think of using a crevice tool. But don’t get so comfortable! You’re missing out on some real cleaning potential!

0055142_central-vacuum-value-crevice-tool_200A standard crevice tool perfect for:

  • Between sofa and chair cushions
  • Along where carpeting meets the baseboard
  • Between mattresses and head-boards
  • Computer keyboards
  • Behind furniture, toilets, chair legs

0053986_vacumaid-ct100-23in-flex-crevice-tool_200An elongated, flexible crevice tool perfect for:

  • Underneath refrigerators and low furniture
  • Behind large furniture such as dressers, armoires, bookshelves
  • Automotive detailing
  • Car seats, inside children’s toys or apparatuses
  • Pet kennels and cages

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