How To Vacuum – Tip #5

Don’t let the title insult you. I’m well aware you know how to vacuum. Turn power on, hold vacuum handle, extend arm, retract arm…it’s obvious we’re not discussing rocket science, here. But for many homeowners, vacuuming ends at those four steps and never ventures much further. It’s almost so easy, you’re not giving it enough thought.

So we’re launching this series to provide five tips to help you both utilize your vacuum to its full potential and get better results. Stay tuned for future posts!


0082547_miele-kona-complete-c3-vacuumThe electrical cords on vacuums take a real beating. You wouldn’t believe how often we hear from customers who have a nearly brand new vacuum cleaner in need of a cord repair. Every homeowner is guilty of stretching a cord in order to reach a corner without unplugging and plugging back in. Hey, we’re just trying to save a few seconds of work. But these moments of hurry can cost us big in the long run.

  • If it doesn’t reach, just unplug it! Don’t try to overstretch your cord just to keep from having to turn it off and back on. Stretching into a room or around a corner does more than just irritate the electrical wiring within the cord, it can also bend and warp the prongs or damage the electrical outlet itself!
  • Unplug it from the outlet, not from the next room! It isn’t too uncommon to try to unplug the vacuum by pulling on the cord from five feet away. But it is a sure way to damage the cord! Just take the extra seconds to unplug the cord from the electrical outlet properly.
  • Be kind and re-wind! If you’re lucky, your vacuum may include automatic cord rewind (something you should really look for in a vacuum purchase.) But many upright vacuum cleaners or older models have those two hooks to help you to wind the cord around when not in use. It’s more than just neat storage, it’s also a great way to protect your cord from kinks, pinches, or tears. So when you’ve finished vacuuming, go ahead and wind the cord back in place – but not too tight- to save yourself some drama later on.

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