Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial and Industrial Vacuum CleanersVacuum cleaners designed for commercial or industrial use differ from standard use cleaners in a few, key ways. For starters, they will almost always feature larger, more powerful motors. This tends to make an industrial cleaner heavier and more bulky than a residential vacuum, but also allows for better suction and a longer lifespan.

Second, commercial vacuums are designed for simple and fast repair. They’re often built so that belts, roller bars, bags, and other parts that require regular maintenance are easily accessed. This saves time and money and empowers the owner to handle many of these tasks without the need for professional help.

Commercial and Industrial Vacuum CleanersLastly, vacuums designed for commercial and industrial operation will feature attachments for such use. These attachments will be made of higher quality plastics and metals – perfect for rugged, regular use.

THE BOTTOM LINE: It’s imperative you choose a commercial cleaner for your professional needs and not waste time with a residential unit not suited for you. 

Professional vacuum cleaners are as varied as residential units. They come in upright, canister, lightweight, and even backpack styles. There are also heavy-duty cleaners with polishing and grinding options and HEPA filtration. The best way to start your search is to first identify your needs. 

We can help you navigate the world of commercial cleaners and find the best system for you. Take a look at the categories below or, better still, call and speak with a specialist and shop with some guidance. Call 1-800-221-8227 for experienced help.

Any thoughts?

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