Central Vacuum Systems For Carpeting

We’re firm believers that a central vacuum system is right for absolutely any home. Got pets? Central vacuum systems offer the most accessories and components to rid your home of fur and dander. Got allergies? A central vacuum system will exhaust to the exterior or a remote area of your home completely eliminating even the smallest dust particles in a way a standard vacuum never could. Got carpeting? Well, we’ve got a central vacuum solution for that, too.

It’s easy to love carpeting, but keeping it clean is its own beast. Refreshing the surface with a quick vacuum before company arrives is simple enough, but if you aren’t using the right cleaner, that may be all you’re doing. At the base of the carpet fibers lay the real dirt, dust, and pet dander, collecting and building over time, and a typical vacuum cleaner may never reach that deep. It takes suction and a powerful agitator to truly separate and ruffle the fibers, digging into the collected debris along the bottom. Otherwise, all you’re really doing is tidying up the surface.

1. Choose The Correct Power Unit

0082101_shop-220-volt-power-units_300The key here is to be certain you select a unit that provides enough suction for your square footage. Other than that, it’s your choice whether you go with a Bagged, Filtered, or Cyclonic unit. (For more on that topic, READ THIS.) You can shop power units by house size, filtration type, brand, and more

2. Select An Electric System

Why Electric?

Choosing an electric powerhead is so important because it ensures your carpeting is getting the most powerful clean. A system that is “electric” means the powerhead has its own power source. The rotating beater bar is being powered individually, giving it more strength and keeping it from slowing or getting stuck. The beater bar is responsible for lifting and scrubbing the carpet fibers, removing deep down dust and dirt. You want it to have the most power you can get.

If you see terms like “Air Turbine,” “Air Driven,” or “Turbo,” these apply to powerheads that use the air suction of the vacuum to rotate the beater bar. These units will have less suction and less rotation, making them a poor choice for a home with carpeting.

What Kind Of Electric?

You’ll discover in your shopping that there are two kinds of electric systems: “Pigtail” and “Direct Connect.”

0063282_centec-94402a-3n1-estate-pack-w2nd-hose-attachment-set-30ft-ptPigtail or Corded: A system that is pigtail or corded means a separate electric power cord comes from the hose and plugs into an electrical outlet in your home (this is in addition to the hose being plugged into its central vacuum inlet.)

If your central vacuum system is existing, this is a solution to allow you to use electric powerheads without the necessary electric wiring within the system. However, it’s not ideal. If you are installing a brand new central vacuum, we recommend running a direct connect system from the start.

0063512_imperium-93894-essential-basic-attachment-set-direct-connect-35ftDirect Connect: A direct connect system means that there is electric wiring run through the central vacuum system and through the vacuum hose. This allows a separate electrical current to power the powerhead and attachments. These hoses will feature two prongs that connect to both the central vacuum wall inlet and the powerhead.

We recommend this style of system because it eliminates the need for the second plug, like found in a pigtail system. If you are installing a new system and have carpeting, you will want to choose a Direct Connect system. For assistance in installing a central vacuum system, call 1-800-221-8227 and speak with one of our specialists.

3. Pick The Best Electric Powerhead & Attachment Set

0069547_vacuflo-13inch-edge-electric-powerhead-9190There’s a lot to consider when choosing a powerhead. Determine which features are important to you, like height adjustment, a head light, swivel neck, furniture bumpers, weight, width, and more. From there, decide the length of hose you’ll need to clean your home (common lengths include 30 and 35 foot hoses.)

0055384_wessel-werk-the-soft-clean-villa-collection-30ft-attachment-set-ptdcYou can either select pieces you need separately, or shop complete sets that include the most popular attachments, hoses, and powerheads. Choosing a packaged set will save you money in the end, but if you call and speak with one of our sales representatives at 1-800-221-8227, we can often build a kit for you at a discount to meet your specific needs.

  • Another factor to consider when choosing a powerhead is the type of carpeting you have. Most notably, whether you have the new, “soft” carpeting that has become so popular. Soft carpeting requires a special type of powerhead. Failing to choose the correct type could result in damage to your carpet. For more information on the unique needs of soft carpeting, read this.

Choosing a central vacuum system to best clean your carpeting is simple using the above three steps. It’s important for your health and the health of your family that your carpeting isn’t just fluffed at the surface. We can give you personal guidance to ensure you get exactly what you need. Simply call 1-800-221-8227.

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