NuTone QT110 – QT100 – QT9093 Series Motor Assembly

0060865_nutone-qt110-qt100-qt9093-motor-assemblyLooking for NuTone QT100 or QT110 replacement parts?

NuTone discontinued all QT100 and QT110 series bath fans but you are still able to purchase this replacement motor to repair your unit. The QT9093 Motor Assembly includes both the A and B motor units, the blower wheel, and the mounting plate.

The QT9093 is NuTone’s most popular replacement motor thanks to its easy installation. Replacing the motor is a simple DIY project and doesn’t require professional help. It’s also quiet and offers long running durability.

This motor assembly works with the following Ventilation Fan models:

  • NuTone QT100FL Fan
  • NuTone QT100L Fan
  • NuTone QT100LH Fan
  • NuTone QT100LHM Fan
  • NuTone QT100LM Fan
  • NuTone QT110 Fan
  • NuTone QT110NB Fan
  • NuTone QT110N Fan
  • NuTone QT100H Fan
  • NuTone QT9093WH Fan
  • NuTone QT9093AB Fan
  • NuTone QT9093CH Fan
  • NuTone QT9093BR Fan
  • NuTone QT9093 Fan

This is the direct motor replacement for the following motor numbers:

  • 8253210230
  • 8253210930
  • AL41285A
  • JA2C119
  • JA2C119H

Any thoughts?

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