Miele Marin Complete C3 Canister Vacuum Review

Miele Marin Receives Five Star Review From Our Research Team!

We recently unboxed the Miele Marin Complete C3 to test it in a real-life setting (and to get some great photos, too!) Read our review and learn why it’s one of the best selling Miele canisters.


Miele Marin: Solid As A Rock

Aside from just looking fabulous – the sleek blue color is especially fun – from the moment you lift it out of the box you’ll recognize how incredibly well constructed the Miele Marin is. Even though it’s made to be lightweight and mobile, the connections, interior components, and the canister are exceptionally durable and sturdy. There’s no rattling or wiggle room on this vacuum. It’s solid while remaining lightweight.

Miele Marin: The Right Vacuum For Anyone

Miele-Marin-Vacuum-Hard-Floor-BrushThe Miele Marin Complete C3 is the perfect middle road. It’s neither the most expensive model nor the least. It has Miele’s high-quality features like sealed construction and electric components but limited bells & whistles that would “up” the cost. Additionally, the Marin includes both a carpet powerhead and a hard floor brush to best suit the needs of any homeowner.

Miele Marin: Unmatched Filtration

The real draw to the Miele Marin is the quality filtration. The Marin Complete C3 comes with the AirClean 3D GN dust bag and the HA-50 Active HEPA filter. This exceptional combination has been proven by independent laboratory tests to be over 99.9% effective in capturing and containing pollens, dust mites, pet dander and other irritants.

Miele-Marin-Hepa-FiltrationVacuuming 101: The suctioned air that carries in dust, dirt, or allergens into a vacuum goes through the dirt bag or container and is eventually exhausted back into the room. The problem with lesser vacuum manufacturers lies in the exhausted air. A vacuum cleaner that does not provide superior filtration will simply be spewing the smallest, uncaptured particles back into the face of the person vacuuming. YUCK!

The Miele Marin, however, utilizes incredible filtration technology. In addition to the layers and layers of protection within the GN bag, the exhausted air also passes through a HEPA filter before being released. And then finally, there is Miele’s patented AirClean Sealed System®. Each individual compartment and the system as a whole are sealed with one continuous, durable rubber gasket to prevent even the tiniest of leaks. These air-tight closures keep dangerous, microscopic allergens where they belong. The Marin is an absolute dream for anyone with respiratory health issues.

Miele Marin: Features & Benefits

Then there are the subtle yet genius conveniences that the Marin offers like the onboard tool storage. No longer are loose vacuum tools tossed in a closet, never to be at hand when needed. They’re easily accessed as you clean by simply lifting the lid of the unit.

Another feature we love are the foot operations. The Marin Complete C3 is designed so that all the key elements for operation can be changed or activated with your foot. This is more than just a nice convenience, although it is that, too. It’s absolutely vital for anyone with a disability, back weakness, or difficulty bending over. From the foot control panel, you can turn the power on and off, change between the six suction options, and rewind the power cord. (The power can also be turned on and off from the handle.)

Place the wand into the rear park setting and the vacuum powers down. Remove the wand and the vacuum turns back on!

And then there is the brilliance that is the parking system. Think about how often you have to stop and start while vacuuming – to move to a new plug, shift a piece of furniture aside, stop a child from coloring on your drapes with a marker, etc. The Miele Marin Complete features Miele’s “Parking System” on the side and back of the vacuum.

You don’t need to rest your wand against the wall or lay it on the floor ever again. Just park it and come back when you are ready to start vacuuming again. And with the Marin, there is a new feature; the automatic standby switch when it is in the rear park position. No need to turn the machine off. Just put it in the rear park and it will automatically be put on standby until you remove the wand which will automatically turn the machine on again.

Miele Marin: Overall Rating

The Miele Marin truly vacuumed like a dream. It easily navigated from carpeting to hard surface flooring thanks to the smooth running wheels and steel axles. Better still, we turned on the “Automatic Setting” feature so the vacuum determined how much suction to use based on the type of surface it was cleaning so there was no need to change the power levels.

It was exceptionally quiet, even on high power, and easily maneuvered around furniture. All in all, the Marin made cleaning fun. It gets Five Stars from the Central Vacuum Stores research team!


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