Commercial Central Vacuum System Installation

Southeastern Guide Dogs –

Although a lot of attention is given to the benefits of having a central vacuum installed in your home, it shouldn’t be overlooked that a central vacuum system is truly ideal for commercial settings, too. In fact, Central Vacuum Stores is currently installing an entire system for Southeastern Guide Dogs right here in Palmetto, Florida.

Southeastern Guide Dogs serves over 400 doggy graduates across the US. They continue to place more than 100 dogs each year into careers benefitting people with visual impairments and veterans. The charity provides these services free of charge and receives no government funding.

Southeastern Guide Dogs is a non-profit organization that trains, prepares, and places service dogs for the visually impaired and veterans. Operating since the early 80’s, they not only work with the puppies in training, but also the surrounding community to raise awareness and provide a voice for the handicapped of the world.

As part of their continuing growth, SE Guide Dogs is building a new facility that will house office space, a large cafeteria, and about 12 dorms where dogs will live during their training.  At an incredible 28,000 square feet, the building will really benefit from the THREE Vacumaid S3600 Central Vacuum Power Units we’re installing.

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You may recognize Gary from some of our DIY installation videos on our YouTube channel!

Gary Lamb, our commercial installer, has been with Central Vacuum Stores for 20 years! This seasoned installer is perfectly suited to head up a huge project like this and is known for his meticulous attention to detail.

Gary thoughtfully considered the inlet placement for the building. Imagine all the fur accumulating throughout the day from dozens of dogs…YIKES! The dedicated workers at Southeastern Guide Dogs will certainly do a lot of vacuuming. It’s not only important for the upkeep of the facility, but a vital necessity for the health of the volunteers and employees. Even someone without allergies could get the sniffles from all that pet dander.

Dirt and sand tracked in from a long day of training, food and treats spilled out of doggy bowls, fur and hair matted into dog beds and wafted into corners. When you think about all the vacuuming required for this amount of dogs, a central vacuum system seems like the absolute only way to go!

We’re so thrilled to be working with an incredible non-profit like Southeastern Guide Dogs. For more information and to donate to their honorable mission, visit or call 727.498.6582. And to learn more about installing a central vacuum system in your office or facility, visit or call 1.800.221.8227.


Curious about the kind of vacuum unit we’d chose for an installation this large? Learn all about the powerful Vacumaid S3600 here!

  • Square Footage – 18,000
  • Sound (DB) – 78
  • Dirt Capacity – 9.5 gallons  (27 quarts)
  • Motor – (2) 7.2″ Premier Tangential by-pass
  • Warranty- 10 Years

Any thoughts?

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