PureWash Pro By GreenTech

What is the PureWash Pro Laundry Booster?

Step one, take your jugs of laundry detergent. Step two, throw them away.

0089298_purewash-pro-by-greentechThe GreenTech PureWash Pro is a simple tool that connects to your cold water line and washing machine. The water enters into the PureWash, gets infused with Ozone, and is filtered into your washer.

Ozone – also known as Activated Oxygen – features an extra molecule of oxygen. This added molecule actually breaks down micro-organisms and kills bacteria. Ozone disinfects 3,000 times better than bleach, rendering detergents unnecessary. It also naturally deodorizes clothing – doesn’t just cover up odors with a fancy fragrance – and leaves fabrics fluffy and refreshed.

What Are The Benefits?

The PureWash Pro is beneficial in three key ways:

  1. It’s better for your wallet. Because you will no longer need to buy detergent (or at least will only need minimal amounts) you’ll spend less money at the grocery store. Additionally, the Ozone is most effective with cold water, meaning you’ll save money on your utilities by using less hot water. In fact, you can save an average $400 to $600 a year in energy and chemical costs!
  2. It’s better for the environment. The PureWash system eliminates the need for detergents so fewer chemicals are seeping through our waste and into our environment. Even detergents labeled “Natural” or “Green” still contain some chemicals and surfactants that make their way into our water. Also, thanks to the system’s ability to utilize cold water, you’re limiting your carbon footprint (the US could save 197,166,400,000 pounds of carbon annually if people used only cold water for laundry.) PureWash is the only truly environmentally friendly way to do laundry.
  3. It’s better for your family. All laundry detergents and softeners will have chemicals. Many featuring fragrances will even contain known allergens and harmful skin irritants. Plus, just keeping laundry soaps around your home can prove dangerous if accidently ingested by a child or family pet. Laundry detergent also exasperates mold and mildew growth, building up within the gaskets of your machine and giving them a foothold upon which to grow. With the PureWash system, you no longer need detergent but, more than that, the Activated Oxygen actually kills mold and bacteria. With the PureWash Pro, there are no more skin irritants, no more locked laundry cabinets, and no more dangerous and smelly mold & mildew.

Where Do I Start?

0089300_purewash-pro-by-greentechInstallation is easier than you think. We estimate it will take about twenty minutes and requires only a novice knowledge of tools or equipment. You can check out the full installation guide here, but, in summary, you install the mounting bracket, slide the PureWash on, connect the cold water supply line to it, and connect it to the washing machine. Just like that, you’re in business! Simple.

Purchasing the PureWash Pro is also simple. It’s sold here and comes with free shipping and a 2-year warranty. The PureWash can be installed on any front load or top load style cleaner.

Saves you money, better for the environment, eliminates chemicals… The PureWash Pro from GreenTech is sure to be your favorite purchase of the year.

Any thoughts?

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