Are Miele vacuum cleaners on sale?

It’s a question we’re asked over and over. Mieles are built with the absolute highest quality components, they feature some of the most innovative concepts in cleaning, and their¬†filtration is unmatched. This is what makes Miele cleaners so desirable – but it’s also what adds to their expense. So it’s natural to want to ensure you’re getting the best price.

Why aren’t there more Miele sales?

Miele Marin Complete C3 Canister VacuumThe Miele corporation sells a premier product – that much you already know. But what you may not know is that they also demand a premier level of service from their retailers. That’s why you don’t find Mieles in big-box stores. They just aren’t able to meet Miele’s level of professional service. Because Miele is so selective about who sells their products, they also demand a fairness among those that do.

  • Miele requires a consistent, MAP pricing from ALL retailers.
    • This means that the price Miele sets for their vacuums must be adhered to by all vendors
    • Each retailer will sell Miele models for the same price
    • Miele sets prices and discounts corporately and retailers are required to follow them
    • Central Vacuum Stores takes our partnership with Miele very seriously and we’re proud to be considered one of their Diamond Dealers

Why did I see a Miele vacuum on sale?

If you’ve seen a Miele vacuum cleaner on sale somewhere, chances are it was through an unauthorized retailer. Purchasing a Miele through an authorized dealer is so important for after-purchase care and warranty fulfillment. While you may save some money upfront, you could be left seriously unprotected down the road, costing you hundreds. If the price being negotiated is less than the price you’ve found on our page, be wary of that seller. We strictly adhere to Miele’s pricing and service requirements. You do not want to purchase an expensive product like a Miele from a vendor who is unauthorized.

Do Mieles ever go on sale?

filters-bags-miele-calima-complete-c3-vacuum.jpegIn the past, we’ve seen Miele decide to run promotions such as, “Free HEPA Filter With Each Purchase” or “Free Pack of Bags With Purchase.” But actual discounts or clearance pricing on the vacuum models themselves are very, very rare.

With that said, you never know when a discontinued product or older model has been designated for a sale. Your best option is to call 1-800-221-8227 and ask one of our Miele Specialists if there are any promotions.

What’s the best way to buy a Miele?

The absolute best way to buy a Miele is through an Authorized Retailer. This way, you know you’re purchasing the vacuum through a company that has already been vetted and selected by Miele – an extremely choosy manufacturer. You can rest assured that they have done the legwork for you and¬†designated the retailer as worthy.

  • The “value-added” benefits at Central Vacuum Stores are better than a Miele vacuum cleaner sale.
    • Our sales specialists are the most knowledgeable and nicest people you will find on the Internet. Call 1-800-221-8227 and find out.
    • Free Overnight Shipping on almost all Miele vacuum cleaners
    • Free returns on all Miele vacuum cleaners
    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – so take it for a whirl risk free
    • Free gift wrapping on all Miele canister vacuum cleaners
    • Unmatched Expertise in helping you find the right vacuum cleaner – we’ve been selling vacuum cleaners since 1948
    • We are an Authorized Miele Internet Dealer plus a Miele Diamond Dealer

Which Miele is right for me?

If you want help choosing a Miele, look no further. Central Vacuum Stores isn’t just an Authorized Miele dealer. We’re also some of the most knowledgeable advisors in the business. Read this blog to learn more about the different Miele Series’. If you want personalized help, we suggest you call 1-800-221-8227 and receive your free vacuum assessment. Just a few questions from one of our Miele specialists can point you in the right direction!

Any thoughts?

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