Is My Vacuum Making Me Sick?

SERIES: If Only People Knew…

Recently, Central Vacuum Stores’ owner, Renee Ambrose, was on the phone with her daughter-in-law, Lindsay, talking about the central vacuum system Renee’s son was installing in their new home. Newly married and a first-time homeowner, Lindsay was very excited about the prospect of a new system. She mentioned that she had shared her excitement with friends and family and was surprised by the number of people who didn’t know what a central vacuum system was. She said, “If only people knew how great they were, everyone would want one!” That phrase really got Renee thinking.

“If only people knew…”

With that as our motivation, we’re launching a new campaign to educate folks about all we wished they knew about a central vacuum system. We’ll be addressing some of our most frequently asked questions and simplifying some basic facts. Today’s post tackles an extremely important topic: the correlation between vacuums and air quality.

Here’s Bonnie discussing what owning a central vacuum system meant for the health of her family:

Is My Vacuum Making Me Sick?

Miele vacuum hepa filterYou’ve probably never given much thought to how a vacuum cleaner works. You just turn it on and stuff on your floor disappears, right? But for this conversation, let’s really break down what’s happening.

The motor inside your vacuum powers the suction. It uses air to bring in anything not stationary like dirt and debris. It collects those bits within a bag or canister to be removed by you later. That’s all really basic and you’re probably thinking this article is a complete waste of your time. But wait…

What about all the air that is suctioned in?

HEPA-vacuum-allergensThe air that carried in the dirt from your floors has to be exhausted back out. It goes through the bag or canister, likely through some kind of filter, and back out into the room. However, the exhausted air also contains the tiniest particles that weren’t captured within the vacuum. They’re spewed back into the room and, often, into the face of the person who is vacuuming.

You’ve probably experienced this in your lifetime. Ever had a vacuum cleaner that smelled each time you turned it on? What you were smelling were the odors from within the vacuum being dispersed into the room with the exhausted air. After years of use, the built-up pet hair, food, and other waste gets inside the vacuum’s inner workings and find their way back into your home. Yuck.

pet-allergies1Aside from just being gross, the real danger here is that these tiny particles are the very things that need to be removed from your home. Things like pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and other allergens. It may just be that vacuuming is stirring up and circulating these sneeze-inducing bits throughout your living space.

What Makes A Central Vacuum System Different?

CV300 Portrait LandscapeFor folks who struggle with any kind of breathing difficulties – such as asthma or allergies – or for people who simply want the cleanest home possible, air quality is absolutely vital. The exhausted air from a standard vacuum just won’t do. A central vacuum system is the answer.

With a central vacuum system, the power unit (the vacuum) is installed remotely like in a basement, utility room, or garage. When you vacuum, the dirt, dust, and allergens travel through the pipes to the power unit, meaning the exhaust is totally separate from your living space. Central vacuums can even be exhausted to the outside, so everything you vacuum, no matter the size, is absolutely gone. Think of that…even the vacuum air is eliminated, let alone harmful particles!

For even more information and facts regarding a central vacuum system, VISIT HERE.


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