Best Vacuum For Pets – Miele Cat and Dog Complete C3 Vacuum

A Vacuum Designed For Pet Owners

Miele’s revolutionary approach to vacuum design

What if creating a vacuum wasn’t about mass production?
What if, instead, designing vacuum cleaners was about meeting the specific needs of specific users?



It’s common sense that a home with pets will have different cleaning needs than a home without. Starting first with the basics, fur and dander need to be eliminated from almost every surface to ensure a healthy environment. But consider also odors, spilt bits from the food bowl, and clumps of hair on the sofa. You may have to purchase multiple cleaners or expensive add-ons to meet your pet needs. Or…you could just buy a vacuum built for pets!

Let’s Talk Filtration

0086010_miele-cat-and-dog-complete-c3-vacuumThe Miele Cat & Dog Complete C3 was carefully thought out to include every feature you could want in caring for your pet-friendly home, building first from the highest quality filtration.

  • Miele’s 12-Stage Certified Sealed System – to keep even the finest particles or dander within the unit
  • G/N AirClean FilterBag – to contain the extra debris and fur waste that accompanies owning a pet, an extra large, 4.76-quart capacity bag
  • Active AirClean Charcoal Filter – to combat pet odors and add an extra layer of protection between your nose and the exhausted air

Combined, these three layers of defense help cleanse and filter vacuumed waste and air. Incredibly, the air exhausted coming out of the Miele Cat & Dog will be cleaner than when it went in.

Let’s Talk Tools

Real cleaning power comes where the rubber meets the pavement, or, in vacuum terms, where the tool meets the floor. You can offer the most powerful suction in the industry, but if your powerhead or brush isn’t the correct match for your flooring, there’s no point. That’s why the Cat & Dog comes complete with the SEB228 Electro Plus Electrobrush, the SBB300-3 Parquet Twister floor tool, AND the STB101 Turbo Brush.

The SEB228 Electro Plus is the optimal tool for any carpeting. By using an electric brush, the beater-bar is more powerful than other options. This allows you to get deeper into carpeting, lifting the settled dander, pet hair, dirt, and debris. It’s also a key feature for allergies as, often, these deeper particles are missed.

The SBB300-3 Parquet Twister is designed for any hard surface flooring. The gentle fibers are delicate enough to not scratch woods or marbles but firm enough to loosen debris. Additionally, the cut-outs allow larger waste to be suctioned in – not just pushed around. The patented swivel neck connection ensures the brush will bend, pivot, and smoothly maneuver around any furniture leg or obstacle.

The STB101 Turbo Brush is only included with the Cat & Dog Complete C3. Knowing that half the battle with pets is the constant maintenance of their fur and hair, Miele created the handheld turbo brush to properly vacuum any upholstered surface. It’s also an excellent tool for carpeted stair steps, draperies, dog beds, accent rugs, and more. You’ll be amazed how versatile and convenient it is!

0086019_miele-cat-and-dog-complete-c3-vacuum.jpegThe Miele Cat & Dog also includes these standard accessories:

  • Stainless Steel Electric Telescopic Wand
  • Natural Bristle Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Nozzle
  • Crevice tool

Each tool can be stored conveniently within the unit, ready for use when you need them.

Let’s Talk Bottom Line

When all is said and done, vacuuming is a part of life whether you like it or not. Maybe you do it daily, maybe you pay someone to do it, or maybe you task it out to one of the kids. Whatever the case…it has to be done often and done well for the health and cleanliness of your home. So it only makes sense that this important and constant chore be as efficient and effective as possible.

Don’t waste your time with a vacuum that isn’t designed for the specific needs of a pet owner. The Miele Cat & Dog Complete C3 is the right tool for the job.

2 thoughts on “Best Vacuum For Pets – Miele Cat and Dog Complete C3 Vacuum

  1. I was sold this vacuum on the premise that it was the best on the market for pet owners. I could not be more disappointed. I have had to replace the filter 3 times in the last 6 months – surely this cannot be normal? I had a Dyson for 10 years which was far superior on all levels and I wish I had not been persuaded to change brands. The service operators were vey rude – which just added insult to injury. To say that I am NOT a happy customer is an understatement!!!

    1. Hi Helen – Thanks for your comment and perspective. Changing a filter that often is, indeed, a hassle and an expense. Did you purchase this vacuum through If so we’d love to offer some follow-up support.
      We really appreciate the review of this product. How many pets and what kind(s) do you have? What type of flooring? When you say “service operators” do you mean representatives from Miele? Or from the store from which you purchased the cleaner?
      Thanks for following our blog and contacting us! It’s feedback like this that helps us recommend correctly in the future and we GREATLY appreciate hearing from users.

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