G.U.S. Garagevac Utility Stations

It seems so obvious, now – all those late nights in the garage, the way he always came back inside smiling, how he kept his car and workbench clean and tidy. The affair began so innocently but the result is undeniable.

I’ve discovered my boss has a love child. He named it GUS.


He’s clearly been in love with his garage and his shop-vac for years – so when GUS arrived it all made sense. GUS is the product of a standard shop-vac combined with the convenience of a full vacuum system. Put the two together and you’ve given birth to the innovation of the decade. And that’s just what Central Vacuum Stores owner, Roger Ambrose, has done.

What Is GUS?

G.U.S. stands for Garagevac Utility Station. The idea is to take your common, household shop-vac and create a utility vacuum system using its suction. With standard piping and some basic electrical, you can have a garage vacuum system without installing a whole-home central vacuum system.

How Does It Work?

Start first with the GUS Relay Control


The Relay Control Station is where it all starts. This is what allows the other G.U.S. stations to operate in sync with your shop-vac. Just plug the shop-vac you already own into the relay station. From the relay station, you will run low voltage wires to power all the other G.U.S. stations.

Next, choose the stations that fit your needs

The true genius behind GUS is how incredibly versatile it is. Once connected to the GUS relay, your shop-vac can power a number of specialty vacuum options. For example…

A standard vacuum inlet – From the inlet, simply attach a central vacuum hose and the floor tool, dusting brush, or wand of your choosing. This is a great idea for anyone looking to detail their cars, vacuum up garage floors, or looking to add a little reach to their cleaning (hoses can stretch as long as 50 feet!)


A HolsterVac tool – A HolsterVac allows you to have immediate suction as soon as you lift the wand from the holder. The unique microswitch within the holster recognizes when the wand is removed and automatically powers the vacuum. It’s an absolute MUST for anyone with a workbench to quickly clean up shavings, dust, or debris as they work.


A slide gate station – With a slidegate station, your woodworking just got a whole lot cleaner! The hose connects directly to your saw and collects dust and shavings as you cut.

A retractable hose – There’s no need to store a large vacuum hose. With the retractable hose station, the suction from your shop-vac will simply suck the hose into the pipe. When ready, pull the hose from the system and flip the switch for power. This is an awesome solution for anyone who wants a clean and tidy space without the clutter of a hose.


A vacuum floor pan – If it’s a quick sweep you’re looking to solve, a vac-pan is the tidiest solution. Once you activate the suction, simply sweep any mess towards the pan and the vacuum will take care of the rest!


Can I Install It Myself?

Yes! The G.U.S. system was designed to be as simple as possible for a DIY installation. If you’re comfortable with some basic wiring and electrical work, you can accomplish a GUS installation within a day. Pipes connecting the components (standard 2″ schedule 40 pvc plumbing pipe) can be purchased at any local hardware store. There’s even a GUS Starter Kit that includes all the basics you’ll need for a system.

The possibilities are endless. G.U.S. is more than just a fun gadget for the tickerer – it can transform your garage or shop into a fully-functioning work space. GUS will help you save time and effort with fast effective cleaning. And thanks to the ability to use the shop-vac you already own, it’s incredibly affordable!

Shop the full G.U.S. collection and begin building the workshop of your dreams today!

GUS Illustration 1000x500 (1)

Any thoughts?

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