Numatic Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners – Compare & Review

This Numatic cleaner was spotted by one of our employees while vacationing on a cruise ship.

The Numatic brand is well known for their cheerful designs. Each model features a smiling face, a bright color, and a familiar name. It’s easy to spot a Numatic cleaner from across the room, but there’s a lot more to these units than their cute faces.

The George & Charles Wet/Dry models are a perfect example of Numatic innovation and power. With large dirt capacities and Hepa filtration, it’s no wonder they’re the trusted brand in commercial settings around the world. Here’s a break-down of the two Numatic Wet/Dry models :

Charles CVC370 Wet Dry Vacuum

  • 0084092_numatic-charles-cvc370-wet-dry-838170Around $420
  • Suction/Water Lift: 94.49 in
  • Capacity Dry: 15 L
  • Capacity Wet: 9 L
  • Cleaning Radius: 44 ft
  • Weight: 15.65 pounds

For many homeowners and cleaning professionals, the Charles Wet/Dry Vac is the perfect solution for daily cleaning and occasional spills. Its powerful suction and Hepaflo dust bag are ideal for the regular vacuuming of spaces small or large. It’s especially a great choice for any home or office that has a majority of hard surface flooring.

Need a towel? The Charles is able to switch from dry to wet vac in seconds.



The Charles comes complete with a 9-piece accessory kit for both dry and wet cleaning.


Charles has become a real favorite among cleaning professionals thanks to its affordability. Comparable wet/dry vacuums can range as high as $1,000 – putting this kind of cleaning versatility out of reach. Charles cleaners can be found in schools, medical facilities, office buildings, and homes around the country!

George GVE370 Wet Dry & Extraction Vacuum


  • Around $525
  • Suction/Water Lift: 94.49 in
  • Capacity Dry: 15 L
  • Capacity Wet: 9 L
  • Capacity Extraction: 6L
  • Cleaning Radius: 44 ft
  • Weight: 19.4 pounds
The fluids nozzle sprays your carpets or upholstery for a deep wash as the powerful suction lifts and refreshes fibers.



The George Wet/Dry Extraction cleaner takes wet cleaning to another level. Unlike Charles, George doesn’t just vacuum up wet messes. The GVE370 also features extraction capability so you can load your favorite cleaner, connect the spray nozzle, and use the extraction tools to deep clean and vacuum your carpets and upholstery.

George includes a 16-piece accessory kit with all the tools you need for dry, wet, and extraction cleaning. Like Charles, the Hepaflo dirt bag and filter are simply removed and replaced with their wet counterparts when you’re ready to switch from dry to wet vacuuming. George’s easy instruction manual will help guide you through each cleaning option and best practices for maintaining your unit.

0090174_numatic-george-gve370-wet-dry-838670 (1)

Which Is Right For You?

Both Charles and George are excellent choices for your home or office. They pull double and triple duty and you’ll find there’s little they can’t tackle. We often recommend to first examine your cleaning needs before choosing a product. In this case, if you have carpeting or upholstery that will need to be cleaned regularly or even occasionally, the George Wet/Dry/Extraction Vac is really worth the extra money. It’s so convenient to use one tool to spray a cleaner and suction up the wet mess. Even hard surfaces could benefit (George comes with a scrubber/squeegee tool that is so perfect for tile!)

However, if you’re simply looking for a powerful canister vacuum that could also handle the occasional wet spill, Charles is an excellent option. It’s really well suited for someone on a budget who still wants quality and versatility.

Simply put – you can’t go wrong with a Numatic Wet/Dry Vac!

Any thoughts?

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