3 Steps To An Affordable Central Vacuum System

How To Install A Central Vacuum System On The Cheap

We hear it from our customers all the time – “How can I save money?”

When it comes to installing a central vacuum system, many folks think it’s financially out of reach. But that is absolutely not the case! In fact, central vacuum systems are one of the most affordable built-in home projects you can tackle. Here are our top three tricks to save money on your central vacuum installation.

#1 Install It Yourself

3_inlet_kitWait! Don’t skip past this first step because you think it’s not for you!

The bulk of your budget will go towards paying a professional for installation – to run the pipes, wire the electric components, and hang the power unit. But installing a central vacuum system is really quite basic and takes minimal skills or tools. And with the right support, like unlimited phone assistance, DIY videos, and a step-by-step install guide included with your purchase, you CAN do it yourself! We’ve literally built an online business geared towards customers like you who are willing to do the work but just need some sound advice. YOU CAN DO IT!!

*Bonus* There are pre-packaged, all-inclusive installation kits to simplify your project!

#2. Use Standard Plumbing Piping

0055085_imperium-central-vacuum-pipe-2in-od-per-ft_200When shopping for central vacuum installation components, you may find other retailers talk about central vacuum piping. Central vacuum PVC pipes are a smaller diameter than plumbing pipes and aren’t readily available in home improvement stores. They’re more expensive than regular, Schedule 40 plumbing PVC and harder to find. In many cases, this type of piping will be a special order item or only available through online retailers at high shipping costs.

0055068_imperium-central-vacuum-2x2-adaptor-fitting_200Central vacuum components, such as the power unit and wall inlets, are designed to function with central vacuum piping. So customers often think their only choice is to shell out the money for the specialty style pipes. But that’s not true! You can save money by buying regular, Schedule 40 plumbing PVC at your local hardware store. All you need are adaptors that allow your central vacuum components to connect to regular pipes. And Central Vacuum Stores’ owner, Roger Ambrose, patented these very adaptors. They can only be found at CentralVacuumStores.com!

*Bonus* The larger diameter of the Schedule 40 PVC plumbing piping will allow for better airflow and fewer clogs than central vacuum piping!

#3 Buy A Cyclonic Power Unit

0082098_cyclonic-bagless-power-units_300When it comes time to buy the central vacuum power unit (the actual vacuum,) you’ll discover there are a few different styles. Ones with bags, ones with filters, and a little gem called True Cyclonic. This is where you can save tons of money over time.

True Cyclonic power units use the spin of a cyclone to filter particles naturally. Large, heavy particles will fall into a dirt canister and smaller particles will be exhausted to the outside, with no detours or stopping points. This means there are no traditional filters to clog, clean, or replace. It also means virtually 100% sustained cleaning power because, without the restriction of a dirty cloth, paper or foam filter, you get more consistent cleaning power at the end of the hose.

0057272_imperium-cv7200-power-unitA cyclonic power unit will save you money because you won’t have to purchase and replace bags or filters over the life of your vacuum. When it’s time to empty the dirt canister, simply dump it into the garbage. One of our favorite power units to recommend is the Imperium brand cleaners.

*Bonus* The Imperium True Cyclonic power units are made in America.

And just like that, a central vacuum system is within budget! The money saving tips here can set you on your way towards the vacuum system of your dream!

Any thoughts?

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