Imperium Central Vacuums Review

Central vacuum power units are available from numerous brands, some well-known (like NuTone or Electrolux) and some lesser-known. While many consumers think they’re safe choosing a familiar name, it’s not always the best idea when it comes to central vacuum systems. Many of those well-known brands are famous for making other products, like standard cleaners or home intercom systems. What you really want is a manufacturer that’s specifically renowned for making central vacuum products. Like Imperium.

0076664_power-units_300Imperium is an American central vacuum brand that makes power units, hoses, power heads, tools, and accessories for central vacuum systems. Imperium central vacuums are manufactured by Lyndsey Manufacturing, Inc. based out of Ponca City, Oklahoma. Customers love that these products are made in America, as it’s a rarity these days. Lindsay Manufacturing started in 1956 as a manufacturer of heat exchangers. Then in 1960, they became VacuMaid and committed themselves to the manufacturing of central vacuum systems.

Imperium central vacuum power units are known in the industry for their high-quality motors. Manufactured by Lamb Ametek, the motors are quiet, long lasting, and come with a five-year warranty. Also, Imperium power units are designed so the motor is easily accessible. Customers love that when it comes time for maintenance, there’s no need to call a professional. 

0076734_attachment-kits_300Imperium tools and attachments are both affordable and durable. Thanks to some innovative thinking, Imperium tools will often fit other central vacuum brands. Customers love that they can choose an Imperium attachment over the identical brand-name product for a lower price. 

Overall, Imperium central vacuum systems are one of our favorite products to recommend. Between the affordability, the simplicity of design, and the fact that they’re made in America, it’s hard to find a downside.

Any thoughts?

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