Dual Canister Central Vacuum Power Units

What’s The Deal With Dual Canister Central Vacuums?

You may have seen that some central vacuum power units are available in two pieces. The larger unit contains the filtration and dirt canister or bag and the smaller unit houses the motor.

But why?


Here are the primary benefits to choosing a dual canister central vacuum system.

  1. Easier to access the motor – Through the life of your central vacuum system, it’s likely you’ll need to replace the power unit’s motor. Replacing the motor can bring an older unit back to life and, more importantly, add fresh power to a once dated system.
  2. Easier to access the screen filter – In a true cyclonic power unit, a key filter requires semi-regular cleaning. In standard power units, the filter is in the center, requiring you to reach all the way into the unit to access it. The dual canister pod allows quick access to the screen. Simply pop open the lid and it’s right there.
  3. Versatile installation options –┬áThe beauty of a central vacuum system is that it can be installed in a remote location of your home or office. This allows for quieter vacuuming and better air quality. However, it can also mean that changing the bag, filter, or dirt canister is difficult because the unit is hard to get to. With a dual canister system, the portion housing the filtration can be installed in a convenient locale while the loud motor is installed in a discreet or remote location.

For many homeowners, a dual canister system is a great fit. If you’re still on the fence about the type of central vacuum unit to buy, talk to the pros at Central Vacuum Stores by calling 1-800-221-8227.

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Any thoughts?

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