Beam 110347 Central Vacuum Replacement Filter

0054488_beam-110347-11-inch-filterBeam central vacuum power units feature a unique filter. This dirt filter is designed to be permanent thanks to its ability to “self-clean.” The 110347 replacement filter has a weight integrated within the material. When the vacuum is turned on, the suction pulls the filter fabric up, protecting the motor from dust and debris. When turned off, the filter drops and the weight acts to give the material an added shake, releasing any lingering dirt. Each time you use your vacuum, the filter is cleaned fresh.

Sometimes, however, the material can be punctured or tear, requiring a replacement. The 110347 filter is easily changed. It measures 11-inches in diameter and is coated in Gore-Tex to repel dirt.

The Permanent Filter Bag is for use with the following Beam central vacuum models:

  • Beam 225C
  • Beam SC225A
  • Beam SC225C
  • Beam SC325A
  • Beam SC325C
  • Beam 725
  • Beam 2089
  • Beam 2725
  • Beam SC200A
  • Beam SC200B
  • Beam SC2225C
  • PowerStar PS405

Any thoughts?

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