Casabella Carpet Sweeper

When I was in elementary school, I had a teacher who demanded a level of respect for our classroom. Students were tasked with the daily cleaning of the chalkboard, rabbit cage, desks, and floors. No one would ever think of sticking gum under a table – we all knew we’d just get stuck cleaning it up. It was an incredibly valuable lesson and I often think about what a quality educator she was.

0087826_casabella-carpet-sweeper-28085Perhaps as a clairvoyant glimpse into my future as a writer of a cleaning blog, my favorite classroom chore was using the carpet sweeper. It seemed like magic to me how things just disappeared into the machine. Bits of crayons, snack crumbs, and rabbit fur all lifted away at the end of the day.

That was a long time ago (no need to actually list the years!) Modern carpet sweepers are even more effective, lightweight, and affordable. They’re a great solution for homes or commercial settings with shallow rugs or carpeting.

The Neon™ Casabella Carpet Sweep

0087825_casabella-carpet-sweeper-28085The carpet sweeper from Casabella features a bristle comb roller brush and a bumper to keep furniture safe. It’s great for quick pick ups and has an easy to empty dirt chamber. Thanks to its metal construction the sweeper is extremely durable.

Benefits: and Features:

  • Floor Types: All Floor Types
  • Hang to Store
  • Angled: No
  • Comes With Dustpan: No
  • Pole Height: 44″
  • Head Length: 11″
  • Detachable Head: No


Any thoughts?

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