8 Pet Cleaning Tools You Should Be Using

The Latest Tools & Gadgets For Pet Maintenance

When I was three, my brother and I received a kitten as a Christmas gift from a family friend. In general, we were not “pet people.” My mother was highly allergic to cat dander and my father (once a mail carrier) held a deep seeded grudge against dogs that bordered unhealthy. So when it came time for my parents to graciously accept the purring present, in the back of their mind they were already planning its return.

Fred P Fluff
Fred P Fluff, Cat Extraordinaire

Unfortunately for them, kids have a way of making you do a vast array of things you never thought you would. In my parent’s case, that included the raising and loving of a long-haired, Himalayan cat. My brother and I were immediately attached and in no time at all, it was apparent he was in our lives to stay. We named him Fred.

Pets find their way into your hearts, homes, and, unavoidably, your wallets. Caring for and maintaining a pet is no small feat – it’s important an owner understand the commitment. But cleaning up after Fido and Furry doesn’t have to be such a deterrent. Here are a few of our favorite tools that take the labor out of Labrador.

Vacuum Attachments For Grooming

Simultaneously vacuum away loose pet hair while grooming your pet!

0089651_centec-39387-vac-n-groom-pet-tool_200The Centec 39387 Vac N Groo m Pet Tool

  • Fits most vacuums
  • Features flexible rubber bristles to give the feeling of a gentle massage
  • Comes apart easily for fast cleaning
  • Gentle bristles ideal for long-haired dogs or cats
  • Ergonomically designed handle

0054585_beam-pet-grooming-brush-045900_200The Beam Pet Grooming Brush

  • Fits standard vacuum wands
  • Soft 1/2 in long bristles
  • Designed for short-haired dogs
  • Features a hand strap along the back to give you the flexibility of cleaning your pet while reproducing the same motions as petting him/her.

Upholstery Tools

Remove fur and hair from your upholstered surfaces quickly and easily!

0087817_casabella-no-bones-about-it-hair-sponge-15485_200The No Bones About It Sponge

  • No water or cleaning solution needed, so it’s safe for any fabric
  • Specially designed sponge material lifts hair & fur
  • Can be washed again and again for repeated use
  • Made in the USA
  • Cute, dog bone shape so it won’t be confused with other household sponges


0084250_vacuflo-lint-and-pet-hair-brushThe Vacuflo Pet Hair & Lint Brush

  • Attaches to most vacuum wands
  • Patented, self-cleaning red fibers easily remove pet hair, lint, and debris
  • Acts as both lint roller and brush to collect even the finest particles
  • Five inches wide for the perfect maneuverability

Odors & Stains

Say goodbye to the stink & stains!

0053442_unbelievable-stain-remover-32-oz_200The UnBelievable Stain Remover and Deodorizer

  • Enzyme active to permanently eliminate odors
  • Doesn’t contain solvents, acids, or other known hazardous materials, so it’s safe for use on items that your pet comes in direct contact with – like pet beds, chew toys, blankets, or kennels
  • 32 oz (available in 1 Gallon too)
  • Safe for carpet, upholstery, fabrics, and clothing

0080110_rustys-cure-vacuum-odor-eliminatorThe Rusty’s Cure Vacuum Odor Eliminator

  • Patent pending and only available through CentralVacuumStores.com
  • Pour directly into your vacuum dirt canister or bag to eliminate pet odors that are commonly found in your cleaner.
  • Made of activated charcoal granules – an incredibly powerful, natural odor eliminator
  • Infused with lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass essential oils

Household Cleaning

Pet fur can’t hide from these tools!

0088583_homesource-hs69232-2-pet-dust-whiz-with-adapterThe HomeSource Pet Dust Whiz

  • For cleaning and dusting of any surface, high or low
  • 360 degree fibers catch every piece of dust they encounter
  • 360 degree swiveling handle
  • Rubber grips pet hair and removes from carpet and upholstery
  • Fits most vacuum brands
  • Adapter included

0087863_casabella-hair-magnet-broom-85363_200The Casabella Hair Magnet Broom

  • Electronically charged foam head attracts and collects pet fur and hair
  • Easy to rinse foam head for fast cleaning
  • Maneuvers around corners and molding
  • Safe to use on all floor types – no scratches or scuffs
  • No chemicals necessary, so it’s safe for pets


Any thoughts?

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