Central Vacuum Motor Replacements

Central vacuum systems are incredibly reliable. When you consider how often homeowners replace a regular vacuum cleaner, the idea of a central vacuum system lasting 20+ years is a welcome surprise. Central vacuum systems will require some basic maintenance. Filters should be cleaned or changed according to the manufacturer’s suggestion and the dirt canister or bag should be emptied regularly.

A common repair that will add years to your power unit is to replace the motor. Over time, dirt and debris can build up within the motor, potentially damaging it. While, sometimes, a motor has simply lived out its life. Whatever the case, replacing the motor is a relatively simple repair and a novice homeowner can take it on.

Finding The Right Motor For Your Vacuum


Start first by finding the correct motor for your power unit. This easy “Parts Finder” tool, shown above, is the fastest way to access the right motor for your system. Simply select the brand and model of your existing power unit and you’ll be automatically taken to a page with all corresponding parts.


Don’t just check the brand of your powerhead or attachments. They may or may not be the same as your vacuum unit. To determine the correct motor brand you need, it’s key that you verify the actual name on your power unit.

How To Replace The Motor

imperium-cyclonic-1Actually replacing the motor is very simple. The motor location will vary between power unit brands, but replacing the motor is standard. We always suggest you take a photo of the existing motor and its wiring before removing it. From there, simply replicate the installation with the new motor. There’s really nothing more to it!

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