Miele White Star Replacement

0058195_miele-s314-white-starWhen the Miele White Star canister vacuum cleaner went off the market, folks were pretty disappointed. It was a leading model for many years thanks to the affordability and versatility.

The White Star came with a TurboBrush – a single tool appropriate for cleaning both low pile carpeting and hard surface flooring. The White Star also came with the Super AirClean filter, but you had the option of using the HEPA  or Charcoal styles. As part of Miele’s “Midsize” canister line, the White Star was lightweight and medium in build.

So What Should I Buy Next?

Your White Star is likely starting to age. Many customers are starting to look for a replacement and wondering what the equivalent is in today’s Miele models. We guide them towards a few of our favorites below.

Similar To The White Star

0086830_miele-calima-complete-c3-vacuumThe Miele Calima Complete C3 is going to be very similar to your White Star. It features the Turbo Comfort turbo brush for low pile carpet cleaning and a Parquet Twister brush for hard floor cleaning. It also includes three accessories which are conveniently stored under the hood of the canister.

Similar to the White Star, the Calima is lightweight but midsized. It also includes Miele’s parking system – the wand attaches to the body for convenient storage and breaks.

But the Calima also has some upgrades you didn’t have with your White Star. It comes standard with the AirClean FilterBag and Active HEPA Filter for the highest quality filtration. It also features foot operated controls to change between suction levels. Your White Star has a rotary dial, so the foot operated buttons mean you no longer need to pause and bend down to change it.

One Step Up From The White Star

0086403_miele-kona-complete-c3-vacuumIf you’re looking a real upgrade from your White Star, the Miele Kona Complete C3 is a great option. One key feature that takes the Kona to the next level is the powerhead.

The floor tool that came with your White Star (and is included with the Calima) is turbo powered. Meaning, the rotation of the carpet brush is powered by the suction of the vacuum. The Kona, however, includes an electric powerhead. So the rotation is powered separately, making it a better tool for deep cleaning carpeting.

Maybe your home has more carpeting than when you originally purchased your White Star or perhaps you were never pleased with how the TurboBrush cleaned your rugs. If you’re looking to better clean your home, it’s probably time to upgrade to the Kona with an electric powerbrush.

The Best Miele On The Market

0086171_miele-brilliant-complete-c3-vacuumOnce you’ve owned a Miele, you know there’s no going back to a basic, home improvement store vacuum cleaner. So why not jump to the best of the best?

The Miele Brilliant Complete C3 is Miele’s absolute best canister vacuum. It features every bell & whistle you can imagine…and even a few extra. It comes with Miele’s most powerful electric powerhead, their widest hard floor tool, and a third combination tool for low pile carpeting. There’s no flooring the Brilliant isn’t ready for!

But some of the real excitement comes from the features found only on the Brilliant. Like the LED ambiance lighting along the bottom of the canister and highlighting the parking system. Or the controls located directly on the handle so you can have everything at your fingertips. Or the velvet bumper strip surrounding the canister that protects your furniture and baseboards. These additions are only part of the Brilliant Complete C3 package!

Is Miele Still Worth It?

If you’re wondering if the Miele brand is still worth your hard earned money since you purchased your White Star, it is. Miele remains the leading vacuum manufacturer, producing high-quality vacuums with the best quality components. By focusing on the highest level of filtration for the health of your home, Miele is still a favorite vacuum among those with breathing difficulties like asthma or allergies.

Any thoughts?

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