NEW! A Miele For Soft Carpeting

Central Vacuum Stores has been in business since 1948, so to say we’ve seen our fair share of trends is an understatement. We’ve witnessed the rise and fall of many carpeting styles over the past decades (Can anyone say, shag?) and the Soft Carpet movement is no different.

iStock_000022118400XSmallSoft Carpet refers to a new method of carpet manufacturing where the carpet fibers are woven in a manner to make them more dense and softer than standard carpeting. The result is an incredibly soft, luxurious carpeting that many homeowners are falling in love with. Unfortunately, they’re beginning to fall out of love with the difficult maintenance. Soft Carpeting, as it turns out, is troublesome to keep clean and causing a real disaster in the vacuum world.

When you run a regular power head over soft carpeting, the suction and beater bar rotation get stuck on the dense fibers. We’ve heard from numerous customers who have ruined, burned, or unraveled their brand new carpeting just because they tried to vacuum it.

miele-sale-infoSo in order to protect their carpeting, owners are forced to put their vacuum settings on the highest level, the lowest suction power, or turn off the beater bar all together. But that’s not actually cleaning it. The vacuum is hardly reaching below the surface, missing the real dirt and debris that are sifted to the base of the fibers.

So what’s the answer?

0090158_miele-softcarpet-complete-c3-vacuumThe only proper way to clean soft carpeting is to use a tool designed for just that. Miele understood and created an entire vacuum cleaner to meet the specific needs of soft carpeting. The Miele SoftCarpet Complete C3.

The Miele SoftCarpet Complete C3 is different from every other Miele model due to its brand new powerhead. The SoftCarpet Electro Plus Electrobrush is a powerful electric carpet tool featuring a specific Soft Carpet setting. With a simple switch, you’re ready to safely and powerfully clean your carpeting without fear of damage.

0086411_miele-kona-complete-c3-vacuum.jpegIn addition to the specially designed powerbrush, the SoftCarpet Complete C3 comes with the Parquet Twister Floor Tool to clean hard surface flooring. It also features three, whole-home cleaning accessories stored under the unit’s hood for fast retrieval (the Natural Bristle Dusting Brush, Upholstery Nozzle, and Crevice tool.)

The SoftCarpet is part of Miele’s Complete C3 line of canister vacuums. These cleaners feature Miele’s patented 12-Stage Filtration – able to capture 99.9% of debris as small as .03 microns. This level of air quality is unmatched and the reason so many folks choose Miele. The SoftCarpet will come with the 4.76-quart capacity, G/N AirClean FilterBag and Active H.E.P.A. Filter.


The park system shown in the Miele Kona

The parking system is another incredibly convenient aspect on the SoftCarpet. Available in both Rear Park and Side Park, the SoftCarpet offers a stand-by mode in the rear position. Need to take a break, answer the phone, move a piece of furniture? Simply place the wand in the rear park and the unit will automatically power off. Remove the wand and it starts back up. Genius!

If you recently selected an ultra soft, dense carpet style for your home or office, you really can’t afford to ignore its special needs. You may be damaging your carpet by over agitating it or risking the health of your family by not cleaning it thoroughly enough.

Either way, it’s an expense that more than warrants the purchase of a new vacuum.

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