Miele Flamenco Replacement

The Miele Flamenco was an affordable canister vacuum from Miele offered almost a decade ago. The unit featured a rotary dial to change suction levels, a turbo powered carpet tool, and storage for the included attachments under the hood.

0058228_miele-s248-flamenco-iiThe Flamenco was very popular thanks to its quality filtration and moderate price. Folks also loved the bright red color. Now that many owners are beginning to look for a replacement for their aging Flamencos, we prepared the below suggestions for an easy transition.

If you’re looking for a new Miele vacuum to replace your Flamenco, start here!

Comparable Miele Model

0086830_miele-calima-complete-c3-vacuumSo you loved your Miele Flamenco and you simply want the same features and tools in a current model. No problem! The Miele Calima Complete C3 is an awesome, comparable model. The Calima falls into a moderate price range. Like the Flamenco, it features a similar turbo carpet tool, onboard tool storage, and a hard floor brush. But that’s not to say it doesn’t have some exciting new upgrades!

The Calima is part of Miele’s Complete C3 line of canister vacuums. It features Miele’s new parking system, something your Flamenco did not. Built into the canister are connection points to hold and lock-in the vacuum wand. (See primary photo above of the Calima in the side-park position for compact storage.) The Calima also features a rear-park option ideal for a quick pause while in the midst of vacuuming.

You’ll also notice a key difference in the Calima in regards to the controls. While your Flamenco required you to turn a rotary dial by hand to change the vacuum’s suction power, the Calima features foot operated + and – buttons to increase or decrease the power. It adds a real simplicity and comfort to the day-to-day operation. But what hasn’t changed is Miele’s incredible filtration. The Calima, like your Flamenco, offers the highest quality bags and secondary filters under the hood.

Upgraded Miele Model

For many, when it comes time to shop for a new Miele it’s also time to upgrade to a better model. If your flooring type changed over the years, it may be a necessity. The Flamenco and the above Calima come with a turbo powered carpet tool (meaning the beater bar is rotated by the power of the suction.) It’s designed for very low profile area rugs and is a great option for homes with mainly hard flooring. But if your home has carpeting in any of the rooms, it’s time to consider an electric Miele.

0086206_miele-marin-complete-c3-vacuum-with-seb236-electrobrushThe Miele Marin Complete C3 is one of Miele’s most impressive vacuums. What really sets it apart from your Flamenco is the electric components. The electric wand and carpet tool (the SEB236 Electrobrush) powerfully clean carpet. Because the Marin’s Electrobrush beater-bar is powered by electricity (and not the suction) it’s able to dig deep into the carpet fibers for a true cleaning.

Another key upgrade on the Marin is the Automatic Setting function. The Marin will assess the type of flooring being vacuumed and automatically set the suction level. Vacuum your draperies to your dense carpeting and the Marin will self-adjust.

Also new is the Automatic Stand-By function. When you place the wand in the rear-park position, the Marin will automatically power off. Remove the wand and it powers back on. This is incredibly helpful for those necessary quick pauses in vacuuming like to answer the phone or move a piece of furniture.

Where To Buy

Shopping for a Miele online is simple and fast. Central Vacuum Stores carries Miele’s full line of vacuums and offers an exceptional value. For more info or to receive personalized help on choosing your next Miele, call 1-800-221-8227. You’re going to be so pleased with whichever Miele model you choose to replace your Flamenco!

Any thoughts?

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