A Stick Vacuum That Doesn’t Disappoint

Finally, A Lightweight Vacuum We Can Endorse!

Like most folks, we’ve had a love/hate relationship with compact, portable vacuum cleaners. It’s easy to be swayed by their convenience, but more often than not, the lack of suction and low-quality components make them nearly useless. Not anymore!

0082666_miele-swing-h1The Miele Swing H1 is OUR FAVORITE lightweight vacuum cleaner on the market. The design, convenience, and quality have restored our faith in stick vacuum cleaners. So what makes the Swing so much better than the compact cleaners you’ve had in the past? In a word: Miele.

Even though the Swing H1 is smaller, lighter, and more affordable than a standard Miele vacuum, they didn’t skip any of the features and benefits they’re known for – like the incredible air filtration.



0082670_miele-swing-h1Perhaps what we love most is how versatile the Swing proves to be. The ingenuity starts with the unit’s dual converters: one at the handle and one at the suction. Because both work independently or with the extension wand, you have several configurations.

The ability to maneuver the Swing in so many different scenarios makes it a real asset to your home or office.

  1. Unit & Vacuum Attachment – The smaller configuration is perfect for vacuuming tight spaces like cars.
  2. Handle & Vacuum Attachment – Adding a handle to the vacuum body and attachment makes it easier to maneuver and is ideal for vacuuming furniture, stairs, or bedding.
  3. Handle & Extended Vacuum Attachment – By utilizing the extension wand on the vacuum attachment the weight is distributed to the handle, making this configuration the safest way to vacuum high surfaces like ceiling fans, shelves, or curtains. It’s also a perfect solution for reaching under furniture because the body is closer to the handle.
  4. Extended Handle & Vacuum Attachment – This standard configuration is ideal for vacuuming your floors. The weight is distributed towards the bottom so you can easily maneuver the vacuum around the room. (Miele offers an optional extension wand for even more vacuum reach.)

The Miele Swing H1 Includes:

  • SBD470-3 Combination carpet/smooth Floor Tool
  • Telescopic wand
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • Onboard caddy
  • AirClean Filter
  • Type K Intensive Clean dust bag with flap for dust-free removal
  • Pre-motor filter

Additional Features:

  • 28-foot cleaning radius
  • A convenient two-clip system holds the cord when not in use. A simple twist releases the cord for use.
  • All Miele Vacuums are made from the same material used in football helmets. The ABS casing is very strong and exceptionally durable.
  • Miele Vacuums have earned and are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. The Seal symbolizes a product’s integrity and ensures that Good Housekeeping will replace or refund defective products within two years of purchase.
  • Unit Color: Mango Red
  • Recommended for: Low pile area rugs and smooth flooring

Any thoughts?

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