Miele Blue Moon Replacement

0058230_miele-s658-blue-moonThe Miele S658 Blue Moon was one of Miele’s top canister vacuum models in its day. It featured leading components like the SEB236 Carpet Powerbrush with light and ergonomic handle with controls.

Folks who purchased the Blue Moon were drawn to the high-quality filtration. The HEPA filters and bags provided incredible air quality. But as many of these units are beginning to age, some over a decade old, our customers are asking, “What’s the next vacuum for me?”

Comparable To Your Miele Blue Moon

The Miele Marin Complete C3 is one of Miele’s most impressive vacuums. Like your Blue Moon, the electric wand and carpet tool (the SEB236 Electrobrush) powerfully clean carpet. Because the Marin’s Electrobrush beater-bar is powered by electricity (and not the suction) it’s able to dig deep into the carpet fibers for a true cleaning. Like your Blue Moon, the Marin’s powerhead features an extra bright LED light to guide your path.

New to the Marin is the Automatic Stand-By function. When you place the wand in the rear-park position, the Marin will automatically power off. Remove the wand and it powers back on. This is incredibly helpful for those necessary quick pauses in vacuuming like to answer the phone or move a piece of furniture.

The Marin will certainly be an easy transition from your Blue Moon. It’s a perfect model if you simply want the fantastic vacuum quality of the Blue Moon without any additional frills. But what if you want a little upgrade? Keep reading!

An Upgrade From Your Blue Moon


If your Blue Moon has been great but you’re ready for an upgrade, the Miele Brilliant Complete C3 is the absolute best! The Brilliant Complete C3 is Miele’s leading canister vacuum.

The Brilliant comes standard with Miele’s best, HEPA filtration. The power controls are also available at your fingertips for uninterrupted vacuuming. You’ll also recognize the powerful electric carpet tool but the Brilliant also comes standard with the extra wide, 16-inch hard floor tool.

The velvet bumper strip found only on the Miele Brilliant is designed to keep even the most valuable furniture protected from any scuffs or bumps. And with Miele’s exclusive automatic setting function, you can allow the machine to automatically adjust to different power levels when the vacuum detects the need to. Or, simply use the convenient handle switches to set the six power levels from 1200 all the way down to 300 watts for every cleaning need, from draperies to carpeting.

There are also beautiful ambient lights that highlight the underbody of the canister and the side-park location. Speaking of the parking system, the Brilliant includes “Automatic StandBy” in the rear-park setting – place the wand in the rear-park and the unit powers down automatically; remove the wand and it starts back up!

Either of these incredible Miele models will be a perfect replacement for your Miele Blue Moon S6. You’ll be thrilled to stay in the Miele family with the Marin or Brilliant!

Any thoughts?

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