One-Stop Shopping For A New Central Vacuum System

Life is busy.

Between work, family, obligations, keeping up with your health, and trying to binge-watch the latest TV series everyone is talking about…it can feel like you’re a few hours behind the needs of each day. And yet, like millions of other homeowners, your ongoing DIY home-improvement project just never ends – gobbling up the minuscule free time you may have.

We hear this same story from our customers. A lot. Enough that we actually began building packaged products that would help alleviate some of the stresses central vacuum shoppers were dealing with. And in the brainstorming for this target audience, we came up with a one-stop, super simplified way of buying a central vacuum system: All inclusive packages.

What’s Included? Everything.

0081826_combo-packages_300The concept is simple. We put together the most popular and most practical components into complete packages, added exactly what you need to replace your existing system with the new, and priced it at a discounted rate to boot. Brilliant!

We built our packages around a variety of brands and flooring types so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. The change-out kit helps you seamlessly connect your new power unit to your current system.

Start With This

Start first by choosing the size home (or office) you’ll be cleaning. This helps us guide you to appropriate power units.

Less Than 4,500 Square Feet
Greater Than 4,500 Square Fe



After choosing which category your home falls into, you can begin to navigate the packages. We suggest you first determine the type of flooring you have and if there is a specific brand you favor. Answering those two questions should lead you to the perfect package. Here’s an example…

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-12-32-33-pmYou can see there are options for carpeting, bare floors, bagged units, filtered units, different levels of suction and a variety of brands.

But the key similarity in the bunch is that they each contain all the working pieces for your new system. With one click of the mouse, an entire package is delivered to your doorstep for a seamless and simplified change-out!


Need A Package With All The Piping & Fittings? No Problem! Check Out Our New Installation Kits Here!

Any thoughts?

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