Central Vac Inlets: Pre-Packaged & Ready To Install

The key to a stress-free renovation is a whole lot of planning and a little understanding

Have you heard the old saying, “failing to plan is planning to fail?” When it comes to installing a central vacuum system, getting your needs and wants in order before you begin any of the dirty work will really pay off. Of course, it’s impossible to account for everything (like the asbestos you discover in the ceiling or the fact that you accidently drilled into a hidden plumbing pipe) and that’s where the little bit of understanding comes in. But having a firm plan in place will save you a lot of time and heartache.

At Central Vacuum Stores, our strategy is to help the customer’s installation go as smoothly as possible. One way we’ve realized this is by creating pre-packaged inlet kits for one-stop shopping. When planning a central vacuum installation, we recommend you include one vacuum inlet per 700 square feet – it’s the best estimate to ensure your whole home is covered. But when it comes to buying the inlets, we’ve simplified the entire process for you!

The Right Inlet Kit For You

We’ve created a variety of inlet packages to suit your needs.

Step One: Determine if your system is electric or standard.

  • Electric central vacuum systems are those that feature low voltage AND 120-volt electrical wiring. These connect to your hose at the inlet and power electric floor tools.
  • Standard inlets will only have low voltage wiring and will not be able to power electric floor tools. These systems will work with Turbo or Pigtail styled powerheads.

Get The Full Scoop About Standard VS Electric HERE

Step Two: Decide just how many elements you need in your kit.

  • We offer kits with just the basics – 2×2 Adaptor, Short 90 Elbow, Inlet with Mounting Bracket, & Central Vacuum Installation Guide  all the way to complete kits that will feature everything you need for installation – Standard Inlet Faceplate, Inlet Mounting Bracket, Short 90 Elbow, Sweep 90 Elbow, 45 Degree Elbow, Sweep T, Stop Coupler, Pipe Strap, Bundle of Cable Ties, 25 Feet of Vacuum Pipe, 25 Feet of Vacuum Wire, Central Vacuum Installation Guide. Packages are also available in White or Ivory to best suit your decor.

Shop All Our Inlet Kits HERE

Available Inlet Kits

Any thoughts?

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